Medicinal dependence

Medicinal dependence

Often, the medicinal dependence arises from intake of psychotropic drugs, opiates, morphine, and drug addiction looks also, as well as. Actually, both patients with medicinal dependence, and addicts, came to the disease as a result of intake of the same substances.


Among many-sided dependences on various medicines, distinguish toxicomania, dependence on anesthetics, psychological dependence on acceptance of drugs at discretion and also accustoming to hypnotic drugs.

Toxicomania is, the same, as drug addiction. The disease as a result of reception of psikhotrop develops. At long intake of anesthetics which are prescribed to the patient after operation or a trauma there is a dependence, or, it is rather a fear of the patient of pain already familiar to it. The person is afraid that without his medicine the pain will overcome it again.

Drug intake on the mind and mind is also fraught to emergence of dependence as the organism itself will create nonexistent somatic symptoms again to receive "dose". Well, and with sleeping pill everything is extremely simple – having got used to fill up after the taken pill, everything will irritate, stir the person, to awake until he convinces himself of need of medicine. It works so well.

Also there are two main types of medicinal dependences, and however, any other dependences too – psychological and physical.


It is possible to speak about physical medicinal dependence since that moment when the patient has to increase a dose as previous does not work any more. It is adaptive reaction of an organism. Besides, are physically dependent an organism will create symptoms, pains and indispositions. Uneasiness and irritability will increase.

The psychological dependence is expressed by persuasive desire to take medicine, insomnia, feeling that without tablet not to cope with a problem.


Treatment and diagnostics are begun with intake of placebo. If to placebo the patient reacts also as well as to the real medicine, so it is about psychological dependence. Medicinal dependence the same placebos can treat, or gradually lowering a medicine dosage, or replacing it with easier. In any case, first of all, it is necessary to remove the cause – real painful symptoms, insomnia, nervous breakdowns which compelled to drug intake.


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