Men's happiness

Men's happiness

Practically all women want the man who is nearby to be happy. The stronger sex did not get used to show the feelings and to say in opened that it is necessary for it. It as the secret agent, stores everything in itself(himself) and tells nobody about the tortures.

What it, men's happiness?

In many respects this feeling depends on overcoming fears which lie cargo at heart. One of the strongest fears of the man – to live only for the sake of money. Financial side of course is important, but it at all not the main thing in life. Independence is of great importance for the stronger sex, they want to make independent decisions and to arrive as find necessary.

Men do not love when someone tries to drive them into a concrete framework of social roles, for example, to be a diligent son, the responsible father, the getter of family, etc. In the opinion of the close relatives the men always want to look at height, and they very much are afraid not to equal the hopes laid on them. But the greatest fear for the stronger sex – to live life in vain and to be as a result unimportant.

Participation of the woman in happiness of the man

To understand what makes the man happy, it is important to know several simple rules:

  1. The man will not change neither after a year of the relations, nor after the wedding. This occupation will come to grief as habits are formed for many years and it is almost impossible to refuse them. Besides any male who feels pressure begins to interfere even more with changes and the feeling of the henpecked will not make the man happy.
  2. Though men – the stronger sex, but they loves a praise and encouragement for any achievements too. Thanks to it it receives motivation on further fulfillments and feels happiness.
  3. To construct the happy relations with the man it is worth refusing repeating critics. The similar behavior can provoke only negative response that as a result will lead to scandal. Men will listen to councils, but not to criticism.
  4. Though men also did not get used to express the emotions, the woman is capable to change this party of the beloved. For this purpose she needs to show more often the love and warm feelings, in that case the man will be able to reciprocate.
  5. Men's and women's happiness in many respects depends also joint pastime. But only men do not love a long talk about love and about the future as they simply do not see in it sense. The general leisure has to be more active: joint walk or just viewing movie.
  6. A huge number of men is simply hated when their companion does not finish speaking or something hides. They do not like to guess and to find out something. If the woman tells everything directly, then it will be possible to avoid many scandals and quarrels.
  7. The happiest man is the one who has the personal space and a possibility of separate pastime. When partners are capable to spend some time separately, it only positively affects the relations and their feelings. Thanks to it the man can have a rest, talk to adherents, generally, to be engaged only in men's affairs. Women who normally treat desire of the man to be alone some time, literally worth its weight in gold.
  8. Happy man and the woman – people who were implemented in life reached the desirable and are loved. For the stronger sex very important not only to make good money and and to be engaged in business which brings them pleasure. Men need support, understanding and in the good back.

If at the man it turns out to get rid of all fears, to be implemented in life, to find the soulmate and at the same time to remain itself, then he will be completely happy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team