Mental disorders are symptoms

Mental disorders are symptoms

It is impossible to take and allocate here so a number of the same symptoms for all mental disorders opened today. The psychopathology is engaged in studying their manifestation. Will not be superfluous to consider in more detail the main syndromes and symptoms of mental disorders.

Types of mental disorders and their symptoms

  1. Asthenic syndrome. Decrease in working capacity, constant drowsiness, fatigue is characteristic of it already from the moment of awakening. At astenik the unstable mood (now they joyful, and in a moment is observed – in anger), they are easily irritated, are very impressionable, and therefore quite often roar on trifles. It is necessary to add frequent headaches, a sleep disorder to it.
  2. Obsessional neurosis. Unreasonable emergence of doubts, fears, disturbing and sometimes not specific thoughts is characteristic of such frustration. So, to the person with obsessional neurosis can suddenly want to count all tableware in kitchen or several times per day to check whether turned off the light, whether closed the apartment. Here we carry persuasive fears that are shown in the form of internal tension, uneasiness. It provokes people to commission of certain rituals: fear forces to ache the personality on several dozen times per day to wash hands.
  3. Affective syndrome. The first symptoms of this mental disorder are shown in the form of frequent decrease in mood towards depressions or a mania. So, such people have a feeling of depression, melancholy, and in the started cases – physical pain in a breast. The person answers questions not at once, speaks a low, vocal murmur, answers in monosyllables. It is extremely difficult to it to switch to new types of activity. The movements which are held down and slowed down. He does not wish to make plans for the future, feels unnecessary, is inclined to suicide. If to speak about a maniacal state, then the sleep disorder, excessive vivacity, the increased mood, an otvlekayemost, boasting, active gesticulation, multiple sexual communications is characteristic of it.
  4. Senestopatiya. These mental disorders have an effect on a type of prickings on all body, burnings, twisting also at the same time is not connected with diseases of any body. It is difficult to patient to characterize precisely what concerns him. Sometimes the person has thoughts the speech about some disease and then this frustration flows in the following.
  5. Hypochondriac syndrome. Concern in own health, regular thoughts of presence of some serious illness. Such people quite often will visit doctors and even if they hear "you are healthy", again go for inspection, but already to other doctors.
  6. Illusions. Perceives the existing objects of people in a wrong look. If we deal with pathology, then real objects and images turn into something fantastic and fancy. So the pattern on a carpet can seem to the patient a fine masterpiece of the unknown artist.

Symptoms of mental disorders at women

Carry to the main:

  • nervous anorexia (fear of food, food frustration);
  • gluttony attacks (the lack of control over food, theft of food, after reception of food of the patient seeks to pull out it);
  • vaginizm (a strong spasm of vaginal muscles during sexual intercourse or on reception at the gynecologist).

Symptoms of mental disorders at men

Most often representatives of a strong half of mankind suffer from the following mental diseases:

  • schizophrenia (nonsense, hallucinations, sensual dullness);
  • manic-depressive psychosis (dejectedness, block of thinking, the slowed-down movements).


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