Mimicry and gestures

Mimicry and gestures

Nothing is so capable to give intention of the person as his gestures. Each our thought is followed by a certain set of reductions of muscles. Knowing this feature, many try to imitate the mimicry and gestures. However, the person knowing language of gestures at once distinguishes true thoughts of the interlocutor. If you are eager to have such knowledge, let's sort in detail that is meant by a mimicry and gestures of the person.

Gestures, mimicry and poses

The main issue which torments most of modern people concerns that, with us any given interlocutor how sincerely behaves. It is possible to determine it, for example, by degree of symmetry of the person. The more the right and left its parties differ, the lie which you is told is stronger. But not only the mimicry, but also gestures, and various poses is responsible for intentions of the person. Let's consider the most often found manifestations of any given emotions and thoughts:

  1. Looks:
  • surprise – eyes are expanded, the raised eyebrows form a small wrinkle on a forehead, the mouth is slightly opened and rounded;
  • joy – lips are put in hardly noticeable smile, and around eyes it is visible small wrinkles;
  • anger – muscles of a forehead are shifted down, the look is frowned, lips are densely compressed, nostrils are slightly expanded, and the face can be red;
  • interest – eyelids are slightly narrowed, or are expanded, and eyebrows I can be raised or lowered;
  • disgust – externally seems that the person choked with something or wants to spit out. The nose is wrinkled, eyebrows are lowered down, and the lower lip is stuck slightly out.
  1. Microexpressions of eyes:
  • any change in expression of eyes and their movement is reaction to told;
  • frequent blinking – a lie or excitement;
  • expansion of pupils – receiving pleasure from information, interest from communication. Also can be manifestation of suffering;
  • the stopped, glass look – huge weakness;
  • feeling that eyes shine – excitement or a fever;
  • the running eyes - shame, uneasiness, deception or fear.
  1. Gestures and their value (it is worth remembering that it is possible to determine the direction of thoughts of the person only by involuntary gesticulation):
  • open palms – gesture of frankness;
  • easy pochesyvaniye of a nose or touch to it – a lie, uncertainty or suspicion of a lie in what is told;
  • fussy movements by hands (touch to objects, a terebleniye something in hands) – nervousness, caution or confusion;
  • pochesyvaniye or touch to various parts of the head (nape, a forehead, the top, cheeks) – uncertainty, confusion;
  • compression of fists – aggression or internal excitement;
  • stryakhivaniye of fibers from clothes – disapproval;
  • pochesyvany or potirany centuries – feeling of suspiciousness from the interlocutor or a lie;
  • chin potiraniye – the decision-making moment;
  • ducking sideways – manifestation of interest in what is told.
  1. If the mimicry and gestures in communication for you are insufficiently eloquent, pay attention to a pose of the interlocutor:
  • support hands on a chair or a table – protection against a conversation or feeling of incomplete contact with the interlocutor;
  • hands behind the back, and the head is highly raised – sense of superiority over people around;
  • the open (not crossed) extremities, unbuttoned button on a collar and slightly untied tie – sign of trust and acceptance of the interlocutor;
  • the crossed extremities (the so-called closed pose) – scepticism or protection against the interlocutor;
  • obkhvatyvaniye of a glass or mug both hands – sign of the veiled nervousness;
  • the linked fingers of hands – attempt to hide disappointment in the interlocutor or negative attitude;
  • frequent change of poses or fidgeting – tension and internal concern.

These are not all manifestations of gestures which can be noticed during thought process of our interlocutor. The sign language in the relations between men and women is of the greatest interest to many. Let's review some examples visually.

Mimicry and gestures of lovers

Many women were always interested in psychology of a mimicry and gestures of men. Though the stronger sex in turn is also interested how to understand that the woman shows interest or sympathy. Let's understand, each in his own way.

  1. Mimicry and gestures of men. Many women ask a question how to understand that it is interested in communication and shows sympathy? Let's begin with the fact that men though are able to hide the emotions, but their external manifestations all the same give their intentions. Let's consider that gestures and a mimicry of the man in love represent:
  • the estimating look running on all body – the man is enough minute to understand whether the woman was pleasant to it;
  • if at a conversation of companies of the man it is slightly opened and lips shake a little – he has feeling of sympathy;
  • pose with tight muscles – demonstration of the body and desire to be pleasant;
  • terebleniye of buttons on trousers or a jacket – he is nervous in the presence of the interlocutor;
  • if the man in the presence of the lady pulled in a stomach and was extended on a string – he involuntarily tries to look better in her eyes;
  • if the man offers the jacket or a jacket - it is the evidence of recognition of the woman as the darling;
  • the man's hand on a shoulder or the woman's waist – desire to be closer and fear to lose sight of the lady.

Language of sexual gestures and mimicry of men:

  • widely placed legs;
  • the thumb which is stopped up for a belt;
  • the hand often rubs or touches a chin or a throat;
  • from the man a game with objects of the rounded shape reminding female rotundities can give also sexual interest.
  1. The mimicry and gestures of women are not less interesting to observation though the weaker sex and is able to hide the intentions:
  • the most frequent gesture of women – a game with the hair, and in particular their tilting from a face. Good manifestation of interest and desire to attract attention;
  • interest of the woman can be seen on her wrists. If she keeps an eye on them and shows smoothness of the skin, then she considers the man as the sexual partner;
  • stroking of any subject in the form of a cylinder lets know that the woman unambiguously hints at closer communication with the man;
  • if the woman was interested in the man, she will involuntarily put legs slightly more widely, than usually. At the same time it is important to pay attention to shoes. Their socks will look towards the interlocutor who interested her.
  • the woman's game with a shoe has many huge value too. Stripping of a leg is an obvious hint on proximity or flirtation.

On a pose, gestures and a mimicry of the person it is possible to understand a lot of things. To learn to distinguish the main thing, any given gestures come to the person how easily. In the future such knowledge will help you to understand what for the person is before you and what thoughts and associations you cause in him.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team