Mistakes of girls. How to marry

Mistakes of girls. How to marry

Now, apparently, does not play an important role – when to marry. In society, standards changed, some priorities moved. However many girls dream of acquisition of the soulmate. First of all they want to realize themselves as mother and the spouse.


1. Be not obsessed with the idea to marry by all means in a hurry. The similar girl can be recognized on the "looking for" look. She just "clings" to the young man. The man begins to feel rather heavy responsibility for happiness of the girlfriend, that at it deep feelings, so necessary for more serious relations did not ripen. Besides, there is a category not of really decent guys, they know about desire of girls to marry, have family and children. The woman risks to meet the similar man who will pursue the aims, using loud promises and statements on the marriage union and the joint future.

2. Be more chaste. You do not go to bed with the man right after acquaintance. The sense in chastity at the beginning of the relations is made. Have sex only with darling and the person adoring you of whom you are really sure. You do not hurry with intimate relations, give to the guy and yourself time for ripening of more serious feelings, than just passion and sexual inclination.

3. Think of whether it is worth living in a civil marriage long time. Modern young couples prefer to live together to get used to each other, to look narrowly at the partner in life. Perhaps, this idea and not absolutely bad. However if the girl really wants to marry the young man, she does not need to agree to cohabitation. To the guy to live in a civil marriage rather comfortably – it has a partner who already plays a role of the spouse, and the man remains free. In this case it would be quite good to decide to couple on duration of term of a civil marriage at once.

4. Pay attention that one more widespread mistake of girls is that they look at men as potential grooms. So, already on the first appointment the young persons begin to try on on themselves a new surname of the acquaintance and plan future joint life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team