Mistakes of the men who married

Mistakes of the men who married

The man is a head of the family, the last word always behind it. Therefore it is important to consider a number of questions where it can make mistakes.


1. Many men, mistakenly believe that the fortress and harmony of marriage depend only on efforts of the wife. Any relations and furthermore family, it is impossible to construct alone. On each spouse to lay down the responsibility share. Though spouses can distribute duties as want. The main thing to communicate, together to discuss problems and to make decisions.

2. The arrogance and egoism can strongly prevent the device of the family relations. The woman cannot constantly adapt to the husband, carry out all his whims on the first call. Initially you chose to yourself the wife, but not the servant. The wife is not only mother, the housewife and the mistress, this is the friend and the partner. Only mutual care and love guarantee of successful marriage. Consider opinion and desires of the woman who is ready for the sake of you for everything.

3. Some men believe that after marriage, it is possible to relax. He fulfilled all the main obligations and the woman has to be immensely happy until the end of life, only from the fact that made to it a proposal of marriage. It is not enough. If not to pay to the spouse attention, she will think that she is not necessary to you at all and in the nearest future she should suit the life anew.

4. Men often run away from problems. There is an opinion that if she decides to ignore a problem either by itself, or will disappear absolutely. And in general, you should not expatiate on the problems, and better courageously to hide them. Because of such thoughts time of a problem accrue as a snowball, small misunderstanding can turn into the tragedy. It is important to speak about the arisen problems and it is necessary, to discuss to look for decisions. There is nothing shameful, in asking for the help or council the second half, it will only strengthen your mutual trust.

5. Wrong opinion of many men if something in the relations is not got on, then it is easier and better to begin all over again with other person. Perhaps, it is not that woman with whom he is ready to live until the end of life, never late to begin the new relations. The relations between the man and the woman very difficult a lot of time and patience is also required to create absolute comfort and understanding. Often men desert families, leave to other women and carry away the same problems with themselves. Each person has shortcomings, only all have them different.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team