Mother and father. We look for a compromise in education of the child

Mother and father. We look for a compromise in education of the child

There is nothing bad that opinions of parents on education of children differ. This natural situation. Most often we choose education model which our parents, or its complete antithesis used if we consider that we were brought up incorrectly. Badly another – when in the course of a showdown between parents participates the child.

The typical situation – the offspring does not submit to mother's requests to remove toys or to go to eat, and after long arrangements mother gives up. The father passing by does not maintain and in a categorical form tells the child that he should obey. But mother that already gave up, and the little tyrant feels it. Quite often the father should even slap the child in a bottom to achieve the. The child begins to cry and finds a consolation at mother. As the result, between parents begins a verbal sparring, which of them is right and as it is correct to bring up the offspring. At the same time spouses forget that the child continues to be nearby.

At this moment the unconscious understanding which of parents – "the kind police officer" and who – "angry" comes to children's mind. Further the child will surely use the received knowledge, and with the requests will always come to the "kind" parent.

For this reason any negotiations concerning education of the child should not take place in his presence. And if opinions of parents cardinally differ, it is necessary just to reach compromise, having connected polar views and having taken from them the best. For the child the main thing that parents were consecutive in the education. Then he will accurately understand how it is correct to behave and what you expect from it.

Try not to sponsor too the child, otherwise since early years he will get used to special attention, and will do everything possible subsequently that to receive it. Including, it concerns also bad behavior. The kid quickly understands that quiet lying in a bed does not result in constant attention from parents. And here if to throw something, to break or to begin to cry loudly, some reaction will surely follow.

Besides, try to get less into children's affairs of your beloved child if it does not bear to it danger. You see that the child reaches for a toy, but does not reach? Instead of on the first call to bring it directly in children's hands, give to the kid the chance and time to think that it is possible to creep up and take a toy most. Encourage children's independence and do not forget to praise your child every time when he deserves it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team