Mother-in-law: problems of relationship

Mother-in-law: problems of relationship

Many women dreams to marry. Long time they represents a marriage in pink paints. However not always it so, and in family life each woman faces an array of problems, one of which can be a communication with the mother-in-law.

Communication with new relatives a problem for the woman becomes very frequent, it is new people with the beliefs, outlooks on life and understanding. At the same time, it is necessary to contact nevertheless therefore it is important to find a common language and understanding initially. Often there are situations in young families when parents from any given party try to participate in life of young couple actively. So, the mother-in-law gives the mass of advice: how to be in charge of housekeeping, to raise children what to buy and so on. Of course, perhaps her life experience will also be useful, but there is a wish to live life and make the decisions.

In such situation it is important to inform the mother-in-law that you the adult who is independently ready to solve all problems and in case of need, surely ask it council. It is worth communicating without irritation and a negative, most likely, her care and desire to help sincere. Very important understands the mother-in-law shortcomings, ideal people just do not exist. It is worth constructing initially the relations so that further there was no ambiguity in communication. If you do not want to accept its help and to listen to councils, it is worth holding a distance. Anyway, not to a lesser extent depends on you as your relations with the mother-in-law will be constructed.

Besides, it is necessary to try to carry out some other rules. For example, in order to avoid unpleasant situations it is undesirable to abuse the husband in the presence of his mother. It can affect the future. If you do not like appearance of the mother-in-law, you should not draw special attention to it. Will be remarkable if you ask council the mother-in-law though it and is not necessary. Especially when you ask council at the husband's mother for the account of preferences of the darling helps with relationship with the mother-in-law. It is capable to cause trusting relationship.

It is necessary to remember the main thing - it is impossible to forget about respect for the senior generation, whether it be your parents or the spouse's parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team