My boyfriend does not talk to me: what should I do?

My boyfriend does not talk to me: what should I do?

If the guy does not want to talk, so on that is good reasons. It is worth thinking, maybe, in the relations not everything as well as it seems. What to do to resolve a problem: to actively work or wait some time?

Reasons of silence of the young man

The guy can not talk to the girl for many reasons. They can be weighty or not, but the concern about the relations anyway appears.

There are several reasons for which the man can not talk to the girl:

1. It irritates him. The guy ceases to communicate with the girl that leads to her confusion. In this case it is necessary to understand for what reason there was an irritation. Perhaps, the guy is just angry on any act of the girl. If she understands that she is guilty itself, then it is necessary to apologize, but not to wait when the young man takes the first step.

2. He is disappointed. Such state can be caused by a variety of reasons. The guy feels disappointed because he began to notice shortcomings of the girl. Without wishing to communicate, he shows the state. Not only the appearance of the girl, but also her behavior can be the cause of disappointment of the guy.

3. Matter in time. The man begins to realize that he spends many hours with the girl. Because of it it does not have time for itself and the requirements. Without knowing how to report about it to the girl, it stops communication with it. That there were no such situations, it is necessary just to provide to the guy of a little personal time. 4. He endured a stress. It can become the reason of silence of the guy. The endured stress, problems which the girl shares of her expectation and its obligation to it can make the man silent. 5. His thoughts not only of the girl. The guy can just meet someone else. It can interest him more, than his girl that becomes the silence reason. He cannot just find words to explain current situation. 6. End to relationship. Without talking to the girl, the guy shows that no relations between them exist any more. He cannot tell about it therefore he is silent and waits when she understands.

What shall I do?

When the loved one begins to move away, there is a wish to take active actions for return of the lost proximity. But they are least of all necessary in this situation. The girl needs to try to rethink what could push away darling and force it to cease to talk to her. It is obvious that the young man has for this purpose serious reasons, and the girl just does not see them yet. If there is no idea of the reasons of a distance of the guy, it is not necessary to take active actions for rapprochement. He will understand it as its tightening in situation, discomfortable and unpleasant for it. The girl has to learn to listen to the guy and to understand his requirements. Only this way it is possible to reduce a distance and to show the love, without returning to what was. He will understand that such rapprochement occurred naturally, and it will not bring it discomfort. It is necessary to learn to respect freedom of choice of the guy and to show patience. Only one aspiration to pleasure close does not suffice to communicate with each other. It is necessary also to be able to sympathize, understand, care. Therefore instead of seeking for return of proximity, it is necessary to try to present to the guy care and tenderness, to give it joy and to understand his requirements. In case the young man himself is guilty of an incident, but does not feel like that and ceases to talk to the girl, it is necessary to force it to respect himself. At the same time it is not necessary to arrange hysterics, to make a claim and to ache. It is necessary to inform the guy that he will be supported, whatever problem weighed him. It is possible to leave the young man for some time of one and to give it the chance to understand an events essence. If did not call or did not come, so she is not necessary to it.

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