Neighbors from above filled in - what to do?

Neighbors from above filled in - what to do?

Banal situation against which each person came up you come home, and find a flood, from a ceiling water flows, furniture is spoiled, clothes and repair it is necessary to do, probably, anew. Of course, in these circumstances, it is necessary to undertake something, considerable material inputs will lay down on your big male shoulders, but here what to do if neighbors from above flooded the apartment, and do not want to indemnify loss, not each representative of a strong half of mankind knows. And correct actions will help to cut down costs on repair and replacement of things.

Flooding of the apartment by neighbors - we begin to act

Of course, the first that should be made, it to rise to residents of the top apartment. Well if you are able to invite someone from other neighbors as witnesses of a conversation. Do not begin to swear at all, for a start in the presence of already mentioned witnesses, find out the reason of a flood and make everything to reduce a stream of the flowing water.

If neighbors from above do not want to open a door, safely cause emergency service. Employees of ZhEK will help to eliminate a leakage or at least will block water. By the way, they can witness also damage. Do not forget to record time of a call and surname of the arrived experts.

Further, record the fact of the gulf of the apartment neighbors. It is possible to make it as follows, first, having photographed damage caused to your property, the main thing, try that the photo was accurate, secondly, having asked the same residents from other apartments to take place in an entrance to your dwelling. It will help to prove subsequently that the reason of expenses on repair and replacement of things was the fact of flooding of the apartment.

After all these actions, submit the petition. In writing in detail describe what was damaged and as there was a business. The court will consider the complaint and will make the decision. When you are not sure that you will be able independently to make everything correctly, address the lawyer for consultation. It will provide high probability of a prize of matter in court.

Constantly neighbors from above heat - what to undertake?

Situation, of course, unpleasant. But, do not lose the head and you do not go to sort out the relations with residents of the apartment located from above. It can entail troubles. Know better what to do if neighbors constantly cause material damage at the lawyer. The lawyer will help not only to make the statement, but also to collect the facts, about caused material damage. It will represent your interests in court.

Certainly, at first expenses will increase a little, it is necessary to pay services of the lawyer, but then opposite, it will be possible not only to return the spent means, but also to force neighbors to change pipes or batteries.

How to force neighbors to make repairs of communications?

One of ways is already described above. But, if there is no money for employing the lawyer, it is necessary to make so:

  1. To write the application in ZhEK or management company that neighbors from apartment No. X constantly flood your dwelling.
  2. To file this complaint to office of management company.
  3. It is possible to attach photos and testimony of other residents of an entrance to the statement.

As well as any complaint, this will be considered within a month. Then the answer from management company will come. If the staff of ZhEK cannot take any actions, then with this letter it is necessary to appeal to court.

As you see, it is quite possible to achieve that neighbors ceased suit troubles and put water pipes or batteries in order. The main thing not to fly into a rage, not to threaten residents from above and not to be spoiling for a fight.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team