Neurotic as type of the personality

Neurotic as type of the personality

Each psychotype has the features which manifestation are most brightly shown in society. It is possible to carry neurotics to rather difficult persons.

Who such neurotics?

The neurotic as the type of the personality - quite difficult person in communication as around he sees nothing good, and his state can be characterized a phrase: "To me it is bad because around me there is no good person, and life – rubbish".

Each of us has moments when the melancholy overcomes, hands, apparently, fall that you were driven into a corner, and there is no exit. But once you calm down, to analyze a situation, and it will become clear that everything is not so bad.

At people of a neurotic warehouse everything is differently, and signs of the neurotic easily are defined, it:

  • lack of emotional stability, that is ability to adapt to a specific situation;
  • transition of an unstable emotional state to a stable negative from which it is exempted with great difficulty;
  • constant fears on the most various, including insignificant, to occasions, uncertainty in the abilities, opportunities and forces;
  • focus only on the problems;
  • tendency to charges of all problems of people around and also self-abasement and constant "excessive self-criticism";
  • addiction to the persuasive statements and excessive experiences influencing a manner of behavior and which are quite often followed by hysterics that, in turn, leads to decrease in intellectual and physical activity, increased feeling of fatigue.

Neurotic states are rather dangerous: if not to pay attention to them, the neurotic can shortly turn into the borderline close to a psychotic, and then already find ways as to it to change and return to normal life, it will be quite difficult. But is it actually terrible and whether the neurotic can become a psychotic? Yes, can. And if neurosises respond to treatment while the neurotic continues to remain in society and in general adequately to estimate the place in society, then psychoses differ in departure to the world of illusions, own imaginations and representations that does not give to the patient the chance correctly to assess life situations and to react to them as appropriate.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team