NLP in business

NLP in business

Neurolinguistic programming was strongly included into everyday life today. Spheres where this science found successful application, great variety – since relationship between people and finishing with many social spheres demanding involvement of large and small audience. Their number includes medicine, education, television, advertizing and, of course, business. On the last a segment we will also stop today in more detail.

What represents the NLP in business?

Let's begin with the fact that the concept of neurolinguistic programming is deciphered as field of knowledge which studies experience of the successful people who achieved good results in life. On the other hand it and ways of training of other people in methods, technicians and receptions which finally will help to achieve the same good results. In business the neurolinguistic programming has a set of positive characteristics:

  • increases motivation and self-motivation;
  • allows to apply technologies of effective communication successfully;
  • gives the chance to find such skills as ability to convince, set before itself the purposes and to organize the life;
  • changes a mindset for the sake of achievement of goals;
  • gives the chance to rethink experience of the past and to competently reconstruct plans for the future.

There are several types of neurolinguistic programming. Following, most widespread and effective in the sphere of business:

  1. NLP as a set of methods for manipulation. By means of short excerpts from psychocorrectional the technician it is possible to carry out manipulation over any person. However effect of this process rather short.
  2. As one of the directions of cognitive psychology when the strategy of the people who already achieved success are modelled and are used as the ideas for training in success of people around.
  3. As means of increase in efficiency of communication of various groups of people on whom success of business depends. This NLP option is implemented in the companies in several directions:
  • development of various communication skills (negotiating, successful conclusion of transactions, etc.);
  • increase in an efeektivnost of thinking of heads;
  • increase in efficiency of internal and external communication of all staff of the separate company.

Use of the NLP in management, business, advertizing and other engines of trade has a set of positive sides:

  1. Uniqueness of techniques which are used for achievement of good results in work of the company and also for its development.
  2. Systemacity which appears due to logicality of forming of levels of management of various objects and processes.
  3. Universality of tool kit for development of the corporate relations and also for personal and team use.
  4. Long term of the NLP of the relations between customers, contractors and partners which are adjusted by means of receptions that in general positively influences business development.

Technicians and receptions of the NLP in business

If to consider a combination the technician of neurolinguistic programming in business, then here as they say, all means are good. It is conditionally possible to allocate two groups of receptions of the NLP depending on degree of their orientation.

Personal – anchoring, the Wave equipment, hypnosis.

Interpersonal – the same anchoring and hypnosis, plus a method of calibration and speech strategy.

Holds a specific place of the NLP in advertizing, as in one of the main engines of trade and to a separate type of media industry. The structure of the advertizing company is difficult and diverse. However use of the main NLP the technician dlat this sphere the most effective instrument of impact on mass consciousness. Most often the following technicians are applied to growth of effectiveness of services:

  • implication (second meaning of what was said);
  • sinesteziya (mixing or switching of information channels);
  • use of humour;
  • marking;
  • language pressupozition;
  • metaphors;
  • fine tuning on values.

Generalizing all aforesaid information it is possible to add only that the NLP as well as business does not stand still, and constantly develops. Success of the company depends on what level of development is occupied by her head and how often he uses methods of psychotherapy and neurolinguistic programming in the work. Competent impact on audience and separate, as links of one enterprise chain – here the main tool of development of modern business.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team