NLP in educational process

NLP in educational process

Modern education constantly needs in an innovation and many teachers already thought of such question as improvement of the techniques of training used at comprehensive schools. Today there are already technicians and models of carrying out lessons which are capable to affect quality of assimilation by pupils of new information most effectively. And all of them, anyway, are connected with neurolinguistic programming.

The NLP is, perhaps, the only means combining work of the psychologist and teacher and helping to adjust difficulties in training at children of different age groups. By various researches it was revealed that the increased number of so-called "difficult children" is connected with plentiful influence of television, computer games, videos and almost total absence of reading by parents of books and fairy tales. It leads to the fact that such children more developed have a visual channel of perception, and remains acoustical at a low level development. And as at schools methods of speech and acoustical supply of material remain the main for the present, the only way to convey new information to consciousness of most of children are the NLP equipment.

Use of NLP technologies in educational process

Authors of neurolinguistic programming, during creation of this science recognized a thought that all internal processes of the experience got by the person find the reflection in the speech and linguistic structures. Therefore the main objective of modern education is use the technician of the NLP for formation of skills of visualization of information, her storing, for further reproduction in the speech.

There are several techniques suitable for use in the course of training. Let's consider the most effective of them.


There is a big difference between what pupils hear also information which they are capable to summarize. From there are also many problems when the brain "does not see" information which is conveyed by means of the speech. There are several ways of congenital visualization of information:

  • audialny transition to internal visual by means of record. That is at a lecture the pupils write down that they hear;
  • external visual transition through record to internal visual. This style is used during making an abstract of information from the book;
  • those pupils who can make a visual picture heard without record make group of the most successful in training and show existence of two more ways of visualization: external visual without record to internal visual and external audialny without record to internal visual

Pupils who can vizualyizirovat the heard information at once are among talented and gifted. But what to make with those who have no such skills? For a start it is necessary to carry out the test revealing the leading type of perception at each pupil. Having revealed those who have problems in ability "to see" heard it is necessary to carry out the following exercise on a vizualition:

  1. Pupils have to learn to fill the consciousness in one certain color. It will turn out not at once. But over time will have every color a bright and saturated image.
  2. Geometrical figures. In the head it is necessary to present an image of any geometrical figure and to try to change its color, a form and the size. It is possible to try to rotate this subject mentally later.
  3. Three-dimensional objects. It is necessary to visualize a ball, a chair, a cup and to try "to take an all around view" of it a subject.

Further it is possible to pass to visualization of an image of the familiar person, the building, room and concrete place. Such exercise needs to be carried out within a week. Results will be amazing.


One of problems of the NLP in education to teach the teacher to create a certain state in consciousness of pupils and to restore its every time when it is required. The concept "anchor" is also connected with such installation of communication between nonverbal signals and contents (gestures, a pose, a certain place in a class). In other words, any behavior of the teacher which gets a response from a class is anchoring. Here some examples of fast use of this equipment:

  1. Raise hands. It is one of striking examples of how to establish feedback from a class. If you want to attract attention pupils, then following the speech tell this phrase and ask to raise hands of those who know the answer to your question. The attention of audience is provided to you. And so there will be every time.
  2. Motionless body. If you sit at a table, and you need to attract attention that a phrase "Pay attention" will work only for 8% of pupils. But if you tell the same phrase, moving on a class, then your nonverbal signals will notice everything.

Speech strategy

In educational process it is important as well as what is told by the teacher. By means of simple receptions of the NLP it is possible to attract easily attention a class.

  1. Incomplete sentences. If to you it is obviously important that watched closely your speech, try to use this equipment and to suddenly break off a phrase which was told. The pupils who are not watching the lesson course will notice it and will pay attention. Phrases can be an example of a gap: "As you see …", "Look on …", "We see as …".
  2. Positive comments. Especially well this reception works in elementary grades. However if to apply some modifications, then and in the senior link this reception will work. It is used during transition to other action. For example: "Remove the notebooks, put before yourself a leaflet and a pencil. It is pleasant to me how Andrey quickly coped. So, I see that all are ready". In high school the same phrase will sound differently: "I appreciate how you quickly and accurately bring order on school desks". This reception serves as great motivation of pupils.

These are only some of numerous examples of use the technician of the NLP in educational process. That without realizing most of teachers long ago use them in the practice. However if seriously to treat a question of introduction of the NLP in education, it will become one of the best and effective innovations created for the last decades. Application of similar the technician not only will increase the level of knowledge of pupils, but also in general will increase the intellectual level of the state and the nation.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team