Pets in life of children

Pets in life of children

All children love animals, and various. Many in the childhood want to bring the little pet, but parents refuse to them, thinking of the forthcoming difficulties. To children all the same on problems, they do not think of them, just itself wants them a puppy, a kitten or a hamster. And whether the child needs really a pet?

Animals for many become the best friends, members of the family and an integral part of life, and in development of children they can play an important role in psychological, social, biological aspects. First of all, the pet will teach your child to be disciplined and responsible. After in your house to appear the little small animal, the child will begin to understand that about the pet it is necessary to care and respect him as it is not a toy, and the living being who demands caress. When the kid asks you permissions to get a pet, the child should explain that he will be responsible for a small animal which he tamed. So the kid will learn to care not only for himself, to be responsible for consequences of the actions and to understand responsibility. It is especially important for children who have no brothers and sisters.

Actively playing with the pet, the child himself moves and develops physically and also, animals reduce stress and improve health of yours of the baby. Pets contribute to the development of the child intellectually. Since small years the child together with the friend will begin to learn the world. In the course of studying the pet, the child also learns the new facts about other animals, people and the world around in general.

How it is correct to choose an animal?

It is better to bring the first pet since 3-4 years, but parents will look after him so far. During this period of life the child only begins to learn the world therefore he at first will only watch how parents behave with the pet, and then and itself to try to make something independently. At this age it is better to get little and lovely animals (hamsters, rabbits, parrots). Parents should be always attentive, the child can peculiar behave with an animal and show the attitude towards him. In 5-6 years the child already begins to look after the pet, but under supervision of parents who will help and will set an example. From 7 years the animal is already almost completely provided to the child. At this age it is already possible to get a cat or a dog who will be for the child as own child.

Also before getting a pet, it is necessary to consider the fact of dangers which can take place. The allergy, infections, incorrectly well-mannered animal – all this important and cannot be ignored. In case of an allergy, it is necessary to refuse the pet. But you should not forget also about an animal which also as well as to the child needs the help, protection and love. The pet needs to do inoculations and to watch state of his health of an animal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team