Philosophy and outlook

Philosophy and outlook

It is difficult to present more connected among themselves and the concepts as philosophy and outlook influencing at each other. In their interrelations there is a philosophy as outlook, and the created attitude becomes a part of a certain philosophy. But before starting association of these two concepts, mi have to understand how the philosophy and outlook and what value of these terms correspond.

The outlook is any ideological representations, attitudes of the person in relationship with surrounding with society and by itself. This high-spiritual phenomenon is represented such concepts: ideals, motives, principles, value phenomena, esthetic preferences. All these things have influence, both on internal shape of specific persons, and on the whole social groups. Only the outlook puts start of the personality in studying the world around in change it according to new values.

Philosophy as outlook form

It connects the sources together with development of philosophy in general. At this time installations of outlook were formed in primitive society when the created myths, legends defined world outlooks about origin of life. Development of society and change of a philosophical form connect, first of all, with development of philosophy and religion.

Types of outlook in philosophy

The mythological outlook - entirely consists of the system of myths and national legends that were transferred by primitive people who were not separated by nature therefore up to the end did not divide real and imagined. And at the same time the metaphorical form identified historical experience of all generations and regulated relationship of society and the nature in the manifestations.

Further at early stages of development of society there is an outlook which, in the primary value, touches a fantasy, sensual part, values, a way of life of the person. Earlier myths and religions were inseparably linked, but over time began to differ and create separate forms of outlook significantly. There is an opinion that the religious attitude which has God's cult began to form universal values and activated awareness of the importance of love, compassion, justice, good.

Philosophical outlook are characterized by thorough rationality of the principles of knowledge and action when only the reason is capable to determine true value to those vital reference points that developed during historical development and to understand they correspond or not. This outlook uses all known methods of development of the world, also experiences any spiritual experience of a civilization. This philosophy is tuned into definition of requirements and abilities of the universal personality, and uses rational logic, the theory, concepts. Thinking within philosophical outlook occurs by means of categories: abstractions and any comparison, embellishment, typification.

Structure of outlook in philosophy

It means existence of such components (stages): basic, semantic, methodical.

  1. Basic stage are connection of the world outlook ideas which are habitual in use.
  2. Semantic means existence of world outlook problems, in particular concepts of creation of the world, rapidity of time, frailty of life, activity of the personality, the concept of self-knowledge.
  3. Methodical as the highest type of outlook, means perception of a kernel of outlook, his concepts and the principles. Perception of the world is based on understanding of values of such conceptual matters: world, life, society and person.

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