Phobia - fear of snakes

Phobia - fear of snakes

Each person has a sensation of fear before something. Fear of snakes - one of the most widespread phobias. Psychotherapists established that both women, and men have a phobia or fear of snakes equally.

Reasons and symptoms of a phobia fear of snakes

As medical terminology claims, the phobia fear of snakes is called an ophidiophobia. The most interesting that it is normal feeling for the person. Among these reptiles is also poisonous which one sting happens enough to kill the person. But healthy sensation of fear can develop into a phobia when the personality not just realizes danger of a meeting with a snake in real life, and in panic is afraid of it even, for example, watching transmission about these beings.

The causes of an ophidiophobia can be different. It can be personal experience when the snake attacked or even bit. Also the psychological trauma because of someone's unsuccessful joke is possible. For example, someone threw in a pocket already or a viper which cannot physically do harm to the person, but the effect of surprise, panic and a strong fright can engender a phobia.

If at the person really a phobia, then at the sight of a snake, it is unimportant in life or on the picture, there will be following symptoms:

  • tachycardia;
  • shiver;
  • nausea;
  • inadequacy;
  • inability to speak normally.

Of course, these symptoms can be not obligatory in a complex.

How to struggle with a phobia fear of snakes?

One of the most widespread techniques of overcoming fear of a snake is the meeting with it. For a start just it is better to look at pictures or video with this being, trying to control themselves and not to panic. After it turns out to keep calm at the sight of a snake, it is possible to go to pet-shop and to look at her in live. Over time such exercises will help to get rid of a persuasive phobia.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team