Power vampires - how to distinguish?

Power vampires - how to distinguish?

Alas not to be protected by an incense, a cross and a stake from power vampires. Here business thinner and it is necessary to be inventive. For protection, first of all, it is necessary to understand how to distinguish power vampires around itself.

Signs of vampirism

What is done by the power vampire? The person vampire has a negative power therefore he has an urgent need in completion of stocks from the outside. The vampire can act consciously and unconsciously. The first – it is more dangerous.

The main sign of the power vampire is the aspiration to call you on an emotional dispute, a discussion, and the subject and constructibility do not matter, it needs to excite you, to stir up, make so that you released from yourself as much as possible emotions. So they also eat.

One more way how to define the power vampire is to avoid society of whiners. All whiners – it is conscious or not, scoop at you energy, when they complain of bitter destiny, they shift a part of the troubles to themselves. To make a cultural top, it is necessary to offer the feasible help to you. Refused (and the whiner will surely refuse, he needs a reason for moaning) - means, with clear conscience stop a conversation.

Also characteristic course which will give consumer and will prompt how to recognize the power vampire is the beginning of a conversation, typical for them, that you look so bad?, something happened, on you there is no person (at the same time, you feel well). Vampires eat not only, exciting in you aggression and the conflict, but also upsetting you, destroying your good mood.


Avoid those people from the environment, after communication with which you feel devastation. If it is impossible to avoid the evil, cross hands and legs in a conversation and also present between you and the interlocutor a glass wall which will not allow it to scoop your energy. Besides, be reserved, cold blooded, be not sprayed by emotions for nothing, it the fact that it is necessary to them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team