Problem of education of tolerance and at teenagers

At teenage age at the person core values and attitudes are formed. Therefore, from the point of view of parents and adults, especially important is a problem how not to allow teenage aggression to become steady trait of character, a habitual way of behavior and the solution of problems already and in further, adulthood.

Availability of information and dialogue

Explanatory and educational works from family and school are very important. The correct circle of reading, a selection of movies, thematic lectures at school and house conversations with parents help to form outlook of the teenager, teach it to be tolerant, sympathetic, to respect the different points of view and not to resort to aggression as the only way of resolution of conflict.

Parents have to perform with a friend advice, recommending and softly selecting and forming, but, without imposing to the child, books, articles. It is important to discuss read and seen in the bosom of the family that the teenager heard opinion of parents not in the form of notations, and during dialogue where he also has an opportunity to be heard and understood. In such soft form it is worth discussing also events at school, problems and the conflicts with peers. 

Parents – an example for imitation

But often adults face that remarks and long educational conversations practically do not bring result. It is connected with the fact that the teenager in the course of awareness of the identity begins to oppose himself to adults.

But, as it is paradoxical, at teenage age an example of parents – the most effective educational tool. Excessive pressure upon the child, aspiration to suppress, excess and unfair punishments – all this only convinces the child of more "the right strong", that is that aggression and violence – the most effective ways of resolution of conflicts.

If in parental family there is an atmosphere of trust and respect, between parents and between children; if adults show respect for opinion of the teenager which can not coincide with their opinion, then the teenager gets experience of effective practice of search of a compromise and dialogue as effective way of resolution of disputes and conflicts. It it is not simple to learn to find and offer such compromises, but also this model is transferred by it and to the relations with other people. Despite a teenage revolt, the communication model accepted in parental family of people in most cases reproduces in the family, also as a way of solution to the conflicts and forming of relationship he "takes out" from the relations with parents.

Therefore, the main way of education of the teenager is an education by the example when in practice he can be convinced of correctness of values and a way of life of parents, and as addition and support of such confidence conversations, discussions and informing the teenager are necessary. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team