Problems with the mother-in-law

Problems with the mother-in-law

Eternal problem of the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. Whether it is possible to find mutual understanding, in fight for the beloved's heart? Councils for this question:


1. If the mother-in-law dictates the rules and demands from you implicit obedience, it is necessary to give her firm repulse. Do not allow the mother-in-law to be engaged in the device of your family with the husband. Unfortunately, in this situation to go on compromises, to try to agree it is impossible. It is necessary to draw accurately line between her and your private life.

2. Excessive and importunate care of the mother-in-law can quietly prevent to live too. Perhaps, from the best motives the careful woman will not give you the chance to arrive at discretion, to try to make everything for you. Such woman needs to feel useful and necessary. Do her gifts, ask her opinion and council, inquire after about her health and household chores. Then she will feel a full-fledged part of your life and will cease to interfere with it.

3. Sometimes it is heavy to mother-in-law to reconcile to the fact that her beloved son is taken away by other woman. She can require to herself special attention, arrange to the son of a hysterics, accuse that he seldom visits her, presses on pity. Here it is important to inform the mother-in-law that you with the husband will never cease to care for her, sincerely you love and you respect her. But, as well as at all adults, at you it is full of cares and it is impossible to find all free time for her. Anyway she should reconcile to it.

4. Do not incite the husband against mother, do not force it to struggle with the native person together with you. She forever will remain his mother, the woman who brought up your husband and already only therefore it is estimable also understanding. Try to improve the relations. Show friendliness in behavior and firmness in the beliefs.

5. Talking to the mother-in-law, be interested in her son. What he was in the childhood as she brought up it. Tell how in every possible way you try to please it and to make his life near you comfortable. Emphasize that you do not understand lives without such wonderful person as her son. What can be more important for mother, than confidence that her child is happy and is in reliable hands.

6. It is wrong to consider the mother-in-law the competitor and to declare on her war for the son's heart. It is just the woman whom there is not enough love of own child any more. She wants to feel that she is still necessary and will never be forgotten. Perhaps, she needs time to get used to this fact.

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