Profession or how to make a right choice in life?

Profession or how to make a right choice in life?

this purpose, to derive pleasure from work it is necessary to choose the hobby as a profession. The truth in that case a hobby will stop being actually your hobby. But you will give plenty of time and forces to what really is pleasant to you.

The main mistake of all people – choice of profession on its prestigiousness. That is the person is guided not by the interests, but the potential salary, quantity of vacancies and success of employment. Not so long ago all like mad flew to law and economics departments. And in what most of these lawyers and economists is engaged today? Some trained for a new profession and work in absolutely other sphere, any relation neither to the economy, nor to law which does not have at all now. The others literally suffer torments every day visiting hated work for the sake of such desired salary that once.

And in the same time their schoolmates who were guided not by recent trends in the field of employment and own hobbies, succeed in the unfashionable professions. In what the reason of such paradox? Yes absolutely it is not a paradox, just when the person is keen on the business – he gives it more time, forces and puts in it a part of himself. How here not to succeed? And respectively, the there is more experience – the salary is higher.

How then to choose the correct education?

Answer 3 following questions and you all will understand:

Question 1. Being engaged in what you derive the greatest pleasure?

Question 2. In what do you feel surely? What at you turns out better than at others?

Question 3. Whether are interested you the maximum income? And what occupation can bring you it?

In the field of suppression of your answers to these three questions your ideal profession also lies. But if it was not succeeded to be defined, you will be helped by tests for career guidance.

One of the most effective techniques is the questionnaire developed by the psychologist E. Klimov. The scientist divided, depending on what the person in the field of the activity, all professions on 5 groups most interacts with:

  1. Group of interaction the person – the person. Teachers, doctors, psychologists, translators.
  2. Group of interaction the person – the technician. Drivers, employees of the plants, workshops, engineers.
  3. Group of interaction person nature. Druggists, chemists, biologists, workers of agriculture, food industry.
  4. Group of interaction the person – the sign. Accountants, programmers, economists.
  5. Group of interaction the person – an image. The professions connected with art: artists, architects, designers, musicians, writers, directors.

But it is not enough to choose a profession, it is important to manage to find in it the specialization.

One more very popular technique – John Holland's technique. It is in what to the person is offered by several dozen couples of different professions, and he has to choose that which more to liking from each couple. Following the results of one of six types of the personality is defined: realistic, research, artistic, social, enterprise, conventional.

Thus the Hollanda method helps to choose a profession which characterizes you along with several parties.

Generally, be engaged in what really is pleasant to you and derive from it pleasure!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team