Prosecution mania

Prosecution mania

The modern psychiatry and psychology knows a set of mental disorders including a prosecution mania (nonsense of prosecution). In severe forms this frustration reaches a condition of sharp paranoid. Nonsense of prosecution, in general, one of the most widespread types of nonsense.

Symptoms of a mania of prosecution

Main symptoms of a mania of prosecution following: the person suffering to these specific disorders of thinking is unreasonably convinced that a certain person or a group of persons or (entities) pursues it with the negative purposes.

It seems to the patient that spy on him, try to do much harm, have evil intentions, scoff, want to rob, cripple, deceive, jinx, to maleficiate or kill. As "persecutors" neighbors, relatives, relatives, employees, the secret organizations, the government, security agencies, fictional communities and groups, representatives of any given religious ideas and cultures, devils, entities and persons from other worlds, so-called power vampires, the zombie and others can be positioned. The nonsense can have the high form of systematization, that is the patient reports about exact start date of prosecution, its purposes, means and results. Also at patients gross violations of social adaptation and lack of positive results from correctional actions from people around are noted.

Systematization of nonsense gradually amplifies. Changes of mentality in this state it is characterized by acquisition of a certain "special" supervaluable sense and emergence of alarm. All it seems ominous.

The patient is waiting for a turning point in the destiny. Manifestation of nonsense subjectively facilitates a condition of the patient as for it the uncertainty situation kind of begins to be resolved. However the circle of "suspects" tends to extend over time.

Occur change of thinking – it becomes extremely detailed and detailed. The attention to the described details increases. The patient, however, is not able to distinguish the main thing from minor.

Besides violations of thinking also violations of the personality develop, the character changes that for people around is more and more noticeable and taken less and less out.

Obsessed with the crazy "supervaluable" ideas about the relations, the prosecutions having a mania often write complaints to different instances and bodies. The invented and seeming ideas of prosecution cause such manifestations at the patient as pathological distrustfulness, isolation, jealousy. The patient seeks for self-isolation, he is tormented by fears and suspicions, he can be subject to aggression attacks. As a rule, the frustration suffering from this form do not consider themselves patients and lose ability to perceive critically and to adequately analyze work of own mentality. Experts should distinguish cases when estimated prosecutions sick with a mania were right in the suspicions (that is they were really pursued). Words and behavior of alleged patients and also the facts and events of their life should be analyzed carefully.

As a rule, the nonsense and a mania of prosecution are manifestations of paranoid schizophrenia. In certain cases similar manifestations can arise also for other reasons, namely, as a result of the use of toxic toxic agents, drugs or alcohol (so-called "alcoholic paranoid"). Sometimes the ideas of prosecution arise because of age degenerative changes of a brain (Alzheimer's disease, sclerous changes).

How to get rid of a prosecution mania?

Prosecution mania – the serious disease demanding obligatory treatment from the expert. Independently not to cope with it. The good psychologist as required can and is obliged to notice symptoms of this disease at the addressed client. However the psychologist will have not enough consultations, the psychotherapist or the psychiatrist is necessary here.

The disease is treated generally medicamentally, a recurrence is possible. From a sharp phase it is almost inexpedient to dissuade the patient without use of medicines and it is undesirable as he can carry dissuading to agents of "persecutors".

It is necessary to notice that after successful treatment recovering the help of the family, experts and employees of social services in social adaptation is required.


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