Protective mechanisms of mentality

Protective mechanisms of mentality

The mentality of the person can be compared to an iceberg in which only 1-5% of the total amount of ice occupy conscious acts, and all the rest falls to the share subconsciously. The unpleasant memoirs and thoughts disturbing the person are forced out from consciousness, that is protective mechanisms of mentality work. There is no their any conventional classification today, but there are those which are allocated with most of psychologists and psychoanalysts.

Protective mechanisms of mentality of the person

  1. Replacement. In such way consciousness deletes experiences, injuring and painful for the person, data or circumstances. For example, the person made something in the past what it is very a shame to it with, but he forgets about a perfect act. Other people can well remember it, and will seem to responsible that it was and not with it at all.
  2. Refer to protective mechanisms of mentality of the personality also rationalization. For example, the person made some rash act – was rude with someone and begins to justify itself with the fact that in a different way and it was impossible to arrive. It occurs at the subconscious level and allows to keep to itself self-esteem.
  3. Such protective mechanism of mentality as compensation, develops and used consciously. The person tries to cover own weaknesses by underlining of the strengths. Lagging behind in one sphere, he tries to be allocated in another. For example, having bad health, is engaged in brainwork or on the contrary much.
  4. Projection. By this protective mechanism of people maintains the satisfying idea of itself, attributing to other people own unacceptable feelings, desires and the ideas. For example, the person is very quick-tempered, but is not ready to accept it and to be reconciled. As a result he projects these qualities on other people, turning on them anger and rejection.

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