Psychological pressure

Psychological pressure

Probably, each person had to appear in a situation where it would be necessary to tell "no". But not much manage to be solved on it. As a result it is necessary to pull for itself a heavy burden of doubtful responsibility and uninteresting affairs.

Method of psychological pressure is used by people manipulators, aggressors. They always try to obtain the, forcing the interlocutor to accept his point of view. Such people are the quite good psychologists who are quickly revealing weak points. Here quite often there is a question how to sustain psychological pressure and not to give in on provocation of an aggressor. The answer is simple: it is necessary to be self-assured.

Protection against psychological pressure

  1. Pose, appearance. To protect itself from influence of the interlocutor it is necessary to cross hands – it speaks about closeness. But it is necessary to be attentive and not to allow to distract itself on a trifle. When the aggressor does not manage to affect somehow, he will understand that it does not make sense to press in that case.
  2. When at communication the feeling of rage and irritation begins to arise, it is recommended to present the interlocutor in a ridiculous situation. The smile upon the face will cause bewilderment in the manipulator. It is necessary to remain polite and unshakable, not to raise the voice.
  3. When put the psychological pressure upon the person, it is necessary not to assume the negative energy proceeding from the interlocutor. For example, creation around itself the invisible protective field will be the best protection. It is impossible to allow an aggressor to get into the personal space.
  4. Effective and effective way for protection against psychological pressure is the humour. If to respond to aggression with jokes and smiles, then the manipulator will understand that it is not perceived seriously and it will not be possible to achieve result necessary to it, kind of he tried.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team