Psychological receptions

Psychological receptions

It is not obligatory to be the psychologist that the nobility and actively to use the various psychological methods helping to achieve success in life. Will not be superfluous to note that today the greatest popularity receptions of belief, self-defense and, of course, effective communication.

Psychological receptions of belief

  1. Manual reception. It is possible to call this form of communication safely polite. These are some kind of teams and orders, but they are said in a soft form. For example, we will not tell: You will make it so …, and After implementation of this procedure it would be quite good to make ….
  2. Reception of indirect approval. How to veil flattery? Correctly, using an indirect statement. We say phrases with emotional coloring not so, for example: You such well done!, and as follows: The huge work done by you cannot but bring benefit and admiration of people around!.
  3. Socrates's reception. Your main task is not to give at the beginning of the conversation to tell the person No. Otherwise, it will be difficult to you to break him on the party necessary to you.

Psychological receptions of belief in a dispute

  1. What can confirm any your theses with ease, so it is relevant applied digital examples and statistical data.
  2. The method of comparison is involved when are sure that we will be able to argue the point of view until the end of the dispute. Besides this reception gives to a conversation saturation.
  3. Try to understand what main tool of a dispute of your interlocutor? Become its reflection and use it against him.

Psychological methods of effective communication

  1. Do not use words which will subconsciously push away from you the interlocutor in the speech. Those is the following: has to, it is necessary, awfully, terribly, failure, a failure, confused. At the same time, replace them on: would like, small difficulties, it is a little disturbing, would prefer.
  2. Understanding will become difficult if any explanation is carried out with voices raised. Besides, if your interlocutor – the personality vulnerable and sensitive, then especially you do not speak loudly and emotionally.
  3. You watch tone of a voice. Learn to place correctly accents during the conversation.

Psychological methods of self-defense

  1. Remember a case during which you were offended by something. Try to analyze it and to understand what you react to painfully where your Achilles' heel.
  2. During communication with negatively adjusted people, mentally build around yourself a brick wall or hide in the imagined aquarium which glass is so strong that pessimism of the interlocutor does not pass.
  3. If the sense of humour is not alien to you, then it is time to play theater of the absurd. So, during communication it is possible to comment on any attacks of the interlocutor a joke. Your purpose is to make so that the conversation led not to offenses, and to pleasant ridiculous memories.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team