Questions to the girl: we define a situation

Questions to the girl: we define a situation

To understand the woman, she should be known well. Many men have no desire to go too far in communication with the passion, but through communication it is possible to reach deeper level of understanding of the person.

To define as far as the girl is attached to you as far as to her it is comfortable with you and that it is necessary for it that the relations with you were harmonious, it is possible to ask several questions.

The ideal situation is an opportunity freely and without ceremony to discuss any subject with the partner. It is absolutely other level of psychological comfort.

When both partners well understand each other, the fine relations can take place. There are five questions which will help to define a situation in which there are your relations and which will reveal some secrets concerning character of your girl. They can also change your relations to the best, having strengthened them.

Take an interest, than she likes to be engaged most of all, being near you. This question will allow to learn, your interests are how close. If you prefer to go to bowling, and the cycling is interesting to it, next time you should change a way of pastime. Also you will be able to reach compromise how to spend time together.

Ask it that she expects from the relations with you. Both partners have to know that is expected by another from the relations. If expectations different, then to both to know about it better as soon as possible, otherwise in the future not to avoid pain.

The trust is the main component of any relations. If it in something does not trust you, then it should be discussed and worked immediately. Define, the mistrust is how justified it. Such relation can be result of both your behavior, and its own internal discomfort.

For women it is very important to share endured. So they build up stronger relationship.

If the girl tells that it is inconvenient to it to tell about something, wonder, how openly and sincerely you behave in relation to it. Encourage her, support in her the initiative if it has a desire to share with you. Just listen to her, without interrupting, without proposing the solution of its problems and without trying to affect its feelings. If, having tried it, you did not hear revelations, then the speech can go about its personal problem which prevents it to open to you.

This question will suggest the girl a positive idea, and her answer will be the cause to think of how to strengthen the relations, having paid more attention her to happy minutes. Think over it, the girl instead of the answer can ask you a counter question.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team