Respect for the man

Respect for the man

In our century of emancipation of the woman began to feel with as equals with men, and more and more seldom it is possible to see the relations in which the true respect for the man remains. However, if the man behaves adequately, the respect from people around will be obligatory for it to accompany.

Why women do not respect men?

More often it is possible to hear a talk that men lost former courage. Certainly, it extends not to all but only on those who forgot that such worthy behavior. Many women cannot respect men only because too often to them those who allowed really ugly behavior met:

  • refusal of the words and promises, lie;
  • unreliability;
  • greed;
  • inability to be responsible for the decisions and actions;
  • inability to support at a difficult moment;
  • aggression and inappropriate domination;
  • inability to be responsible for deeds.

The woman who saw such males long time is wary of men in general. However having met worthy, they should think of how to learn to respect the man that negative experience of the past did not influence the new relations.

For what it is possible to respect the man?

Instead of abstract reasonings on how to teach the woman to respect the man, think better – and whether there are in you those lines and qualities which from time immemorial were considered as typically men's? Really worthy person does not have need to inspire in someone fear or to demand respect – feeling in him an internal core, the woman herself will treat it with due honor.

So, what lines distinguish the man whom all respect?

  1. Responsibility. The man who is responsible for the acts does not waste the words, is already worthy respect.
  2. Near the man the woman seeks to feel, absolutely safe – the nobility that he is constant, does not change the decisions, for women very important.
  3. Honesty. The person who lies continually embellishes the stories nonexistent details to expose an event in more favorable light, will never feel respect from the woman. Because the man is responsible for the words.
  4. Honor and advantage. The real man will not tolerate insults, will put to the place of the interlocutor, will be able to take the suitable place in the sun.
  5. Internal core and force. These lines give special weight to the words of the man, allow it to adhere to the planned course and not to be afraid of vital disorders. And of course, for it men are respected.

It should be noted also that the man who is respected by people around is always self-assured, successful and independent, ready to come to the rescue of those who are weaker. Having such set of truly male lines, it is not necessary to win respect of women – it and so will always be with you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team