Review of the book Basis of Beliefs - Tom Asaker

Review of the book Basis of Beliefs - Tom Asaker

The world is more and more socialized, the impact of communications becomes more and more important and the ability to convince people becomes the major quality for achievement of success.

The basis of beliefs from Tom Asaker - is useful also to those who do not want to be the master of influence - at least to see that illusion of control is often deceptive and ours is extremely easy to manipulate consciousness.

However, unfortunately structuring in the book also slightly suffers - for those who will not be familiar with fundamentals of psychology it is just a set of the examples which are not connected among themselves which are very difficult for postponing in the head. The book contains a set of practical examples, is smartly issued, but unfortunately, contains a lot of water.

I can recommend the book to those who are already familiar with the main best-sellers in the sphere to psychology of influence and belief - for example, with Robert Chaldini. For such people the book will serve as a remarkable reminder on belief methods with practical examples, and it is possible, will open them on the other hand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team