Role feng shui in private life

Role feng shui in private life

The feng shui is very popular today. This ancient Chinese art and at the same time science about life in harmony with the world around and. It contains the general principles and concrete methods, following which it is possible to harmonize space, to attract good luck and to improve various parties of the life (business and financial spheres and also the personal relations).

As with the help the fan Shuya to change private life to the best

The umbrella protects lovers from intervention from the outside. The sign of double fish symbolizes happy joint life, and the sea shell provides fidelity in separation. The vase represents the inexhaustible nectar keeping love.

In China there is a belief about god of marriage. It sends to couples blessing and the help in creation of family. There are special symbols which are put in certain sites of the house and help to achieve success in private life.

If there are any problems in love life (it can be disorders with the spouse/spouse and not really successful development of the novel), masters the fan Shuya recommend to place a crystal in southwest side of the house. To make active a crystal, it is necessary to improve lighting. Energy of fire will feed an earth element which operates terrestrial love.

The unsuccessful arrangement of a toilet (in a southwest part of the house) can sometimes become the reason of troubles. In this case wind music from 5 bamboo tubules painted black or brown color can become the good adjusting means. Music of wind will suppress the negative emanations proceeding from a toilet. One of the best and effective ways of creation of the family atmosphere in the house are family photos. Photos in the fan to Shuya symbolize happiness therefore at them there have to be all family members living in the house who in photos have to smile. It is necessary to hang up a photo on a wall in the living room.

Feng Shui for the personal relations

Very important room for strengthening of the personal relations, on the fan Shuya, is the bedroom therefore its improvement should attach particular importance. First of all, it is necessary to pick up a bed correctly. It is necessary to consider that in the matrimonial bedroom there has to be a bed by all means with an unary mattress. On it there should not be at all 2 mattresses because it symbolically divides spouses.

For protection of family dynasties against misfortunes, the Chinese emperors threw coins on marriage boxes of the daughters. Now, that marriage was happy, coins tie to a bed column.

The arrangement of a bed between 2 doors is considered unsuccessful. Besides, the open beam located over a bed and dividing it into the 2nd part can become the reason of contentions between spouses. In these cases the bed needs to be rearranged. Very large role in strengthening of the personal relations is played by various mascots. Them in the fan to Shuya a huge set. For change and harmonization of private life it is recommended to use pair objects: swans, pigeons or ducks tangerines. They work for strengthening of the family and love relations. Couple of dolphins – also effective mascot attracting success in love and partnership. Dolphins strengthen conjugal ties and well influence family members. It is necessary to place these mascots with a bed headboard.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team