Role of the father in family

Role of the father in family

Modern life introduces the amendments in everything including in the scheme of education of children. And if hundred years ago the man was considered as the full head of the family, today the woman can quite cope with this duty independently.

For what the man is necessary in family

How the family life and relationship in family was under construction earlier? Mother cooked food, cleaned up and raised children, and the father performed all hard work on the house: chopped wood, built, goes shooting or did working tools. Before eyes the child always had an image of the father, and what it does for family as takes care of it, was obvious and clear.

Today, when fathers spend the most part of time at work, how they behave at home and as show the attitude towards children, is fundamental in formation of model of perception of the father by the child. And for this reason for modern fathers extremely important not only to provide the family financially but also and to pay sufficient attention to children and to care for them, on an equal basis with mother.

Role model

Whether the man pays enough attention to the children or charges with all burden of this responsibility the wife, he all the same has certain impact on them. It is known that boys instinctively begin to imitate the fathers, want to be on them similar or unconsciously copy some elements of their behavior. Girls see in the father an example of necessary male qualities, till certain time the father – the only and most important man in their life. If family incomplete and there is no father nearby just or mother assumes overall responsibility and care of children, and the man does not take any part in their education, also the model of relationship put at children changes. In such families the boys grow up coddled and too infantile and even at adult age cannot take the responsibility already for the families. Girls, on the contrary, seeing what could not them be protected and to take care of them, get used to solve the problems without the aid of the man and unconsciously push away it even if such opportunity is given.

Men's business

You should not think that the man spending with the child much time is not the man. The father of family can participate in education of children not only, but also has to. And not when children will grow up and they can be taken on fishing or in a zoo, and from the birth. The last researches of scientists proved that if the man does not take part in care for the newborn child, in two years mother automatically undertakes all duties in this sphere and just forces out the man from the child's life. You remember – care and love are necessary for children from the very first day of life.

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