Romantic dinner by candlelight: how to avoid mistakes

Romantic dinner by candlelight: how to avoid mistakes

In the relations of beloved it is important to show the feelings each other. To arrange a romantic dinner by candlelight – the quite good idea, but sometimes everything goes not as it was planned. Quite widespread mistakes which are often made by couples can serve as the reason for that.

Preparatory work

Pick up suitable time. It is not necessary to choose weekday when you with the husband tired after work, and for tomorrow it is necessary to get up early. Suggest the spouse to meet on Saturday friends, but warn that was not late. It is possible to tell that in the evening you will make to him a surprise that all day he thought of you and it was intrigued.

Children and a romantic dinner by candlelight are combined badly. After you, most likely, want to indulge in love joys, and the child behind a wall will constrain you and will prevent to relax. Ask parents or, as a last resort, the girlfriend to sit with the kid, meanwhile you will suit a surprise for the husband.

Plan the menu so that the man did not remain hungry, but also did not overeat. Some girls suit fruit, cheese and wine "dinner", but for the stronger sex it is just snack. Too large portions will also spoil evening – the abundance of food causes drowsiness and evening can end too quickly. It is possible to prepare its favourite dish, but to give small portions. On a plate lay out cheese, fruit that it was possible to have a bite after love joys. Pick up the wine suitable under food or champagne. Choose a suitable dress. The dinner by candlelight will not have due effect if you meet the husband in a dressing gown and without make-up. Put on beautiful underwear, an evening dress, do elegant hair and apply a little cosmetics.

Mistakes during a romantic dinner by candlelight

Large amount of alcohol. It is possible to drink couple of glasses to be adjusted on the necessary harmony, but no more. Do not allow the man to drink too much not to spoil continuation of evening. Do not force the man to act according to the scenario. It is quite probable that planning a romantic dinner, you took the ideas from movies or magazines. But your man can not support your ideas. For example, he can not want to dance or take a joint bath in a penalty fee. It is not necessary to spoil evening offenses, you do it for it. It is possible to take time with other things which will be interesting to both of you. Consider several options of succession of events, and evening will pass ideally. Do not forget about continuation of a romantic dinner in a bed. Some girls fondly consider that having had a bite and having danced under dim light of candles, men are satisfied more anything do not need. But, as a rule, they just with firmness wait for a scene in a bed where they will be able to derive true pleasure.

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