Rose and candy stage - how many it lasts

Rose and candy stage - how many it lasts

The rose and candy stage is in vain considered a prolonged prelude to sex though actually this time is necessary to learn other person and the universal recipe and temporary terms here does not exist.

It is impossible to tell unambiguously that in this period of the relations there have to be ten appointments during which three bouquets, seven boxes of chocolates have to be presented, five cafes, two movie theater, three restaurants and five parks are visited. Each girl herself designates for herself an estimated framework of a rose and candy stage.

Rose and candy stage - state of mind

If people each other are pleasant, then can pass one or two appointments after which the girl will want to make love to such man, nice for it. At the same time, if the man adequate, any condemnation from its party is not what very many girls secretly are afraid of. And, but it depends on specific people too, the rose and candy stage is not obliged to come to an end after the first night spent together. By this clumsy concept just designate the special period in the relations between the man and the woman when it is already clear that this "your" person in respect of emotions, feelings, similar cultural baggage, but still a lot of things are unknown of it, at the same time every time at the thought of this person is accompanied by flash of tenderness or even euphoria.

You should not think that the girl who prefers to have sex after the first or second appointment is defective or brought badly up. Most often the similar line of conduct is the conscious choice.

At everything at the same time the Platonic rose and candy stage can sometimes extend for several months, at the same time the sexual inclination can between people and not arise. And often it does not arise at the girl in relation to the man when she sees in the boyfriend only the friend, but not the man. In this case it is very important to tell him in time that romantic feelings are absent. Otherwise continuation of the relations in a candy buketnom a key is just unethical. You should not give false hope once again.

Average arithmetic period

Both options, certainly, are extremes.

In spite of the fact that the period carries a rank "candy buketnogo", the few girls love when flowers give them before an appointment as often there are problems with where to put this bouquet.

On average the rose and candy stage lasts of several weeks before few months, during this time people recognize each other, like sympathy and trust, place necessary accents and priorities. It is the best of all not to force such period, but also not to tighten. For this reason you should not visit during this period bars and pubs as under influence of alcohol incorrect decisions about which then it is possible to regret strongly can be made.

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