"Sacred" and inviolable in the man's life

"Sacred" and inviolable in the man's life

It is considered that one of purposes of the woman – creation of homeliness. Besides, the woman most of all controls everything that occurs in family. Not all men approvingly treat it, but nevertheless are ready to agree with some moments. However the woman has to understand that exist something untouchable in life of the man and it is impossible to break borders of this territory categorically.

What is for the man such important what can belong only to him?

First of all, it is his family: mother, father, brothers, sisters. To put it briefly, everything with whom he has family relations. For many men the opinion of mother remains to the most important irrespective of whether he lives near her or not. The opinion of mother can be on the first place when choosing the car, the apartment, work, a trip to a holiday, changing the residence. Of course, the husband will discuss these issues with the wife, but the point of view of relatives, and especially mothers, can influence the final decision.

It is the most reasonable not to create in this situation the conflict, not to try to overpersuade the man right after he got advice from relatives, not to prove that everything should be discussed with the wife first of all, and then already to speak with mother. The wise woman will just keep silent if she understands that the situation develops not in its advantage and if wants to return to discussion, then only after a while. If to try to incite the husband against his relatives, then the result can be deplorable.

His friends are very important for the man. But sometimes there are situations when appearance of friends absolutely out of place, according to the woman. Instead of to make something on the house, the husband goes to a football match or to fishing. To argue with the man in such situation it is almost useless. It can lead only to the conflict and a quarrel.

It is better to give the chance to the man to meet companions, and most to be engaged in personal records, to chat with the girlfriend or to go to beauty shop. So there is an opportunity to keep the fine relations between spouses. Even if the woman considers that friends are not friends at all, to convince of it the man it will not turn out.

The man treats the hobbies with great awe too. If he collects brands or badges, collects models of planes or this sacred plays computer games, for him. Not each woman is capable to perceive adequately the husband's hobby, but if she does not want the conflict, then it is better to agree that the man will spend a part of the free time on hobbies, important for it.

It is necessary for the man that each his thing lay where he put it. It concerns phone, the notebook, tools or collections which it collects. Even if in the house the clear-out is carried out, its things have to remain as a result where it put them. So the man feels own comfort in the territory and in every possible way protects it. Perhaps, it is better to agree at once about what to clean up at themselves on a table or in a case the man will be itself because the woman respects that she belongs only to it, and thus keeps a situation, comfortable for it.

If the wife constantly interposes in the matter of the husband, tries to interfere with his meetings with friends, limits in own freedom which is very valuable to the man, then it is a big mistake which can cause serious disagreements in family.

The husband, though he is also a soulmate, has full authority for independence, hobbies, rest even if to the wife it not on temper. To reach compromise – means to keep the fine relations in family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team