Secret becomes obvious: as the mistress of the chief issues the provision

Secret becomes obvious: as the mistress of the chief issues the provision

The novel by the chief and nice subordinate - a banal case. Someone cannot resist the charismatic boss, and someone is attracted by possible achievements in career. If you do not want to be trapped, being the chief's mistress, or want to convict the colleague of the nonprofessional relations, watch typical signs.

Confidential negotiations in a director's office

If one of employees often vanishes in a management office, it is quite possible that behind a door it is not about plans of the company, and about the next romantic appointment. The director's mistress usually comes into his office several times a day for absolutely insignificant reasons: to specify a task, to remind once again of a holiday, to complain of the cleaner. Often and the chief allocates the favourite employee, kind of accidentally inviting her to come after the planning meeting. In most cases the chief behaves expressly severely in relation to the mistress not to draw excess suspicions.

Only 30% of women admit that on the affair with the chief they were moved by passion. The others are solved on the relations because of desire of career development.

Behavior and look - here that gives out

The chief's mistress usually behaves more freely, than other employees. And if the man tries to keep more frostily, then it inflames the woman even more. She can do ambiguous hints to the director, even at all other employees, is mysterious to him smile and openly flirt. Recognition of her status is important therefore the secret relations jar on her even if she also tries to cope with it for the woman. The chief's mistress is always proud of the situation therefore she often does hints about the relations with the chief. However at a direct question she will prefer to keep silent or to smile mysteriously.

If the woman tells all about the relations with the chief, hardly she tells the truth. Most often the mistress prefers not to issue the provision.

Appearance of the mistress of the chief

The director's passion often begins to put on in a different way. It uses more sexual image and a make-up, brightly makes up eyes and lips, lets hair down. It can be noticed if in the company a strict dress code. Usually the director treats more loyally appearance of the mistress and more free style, than the rest allows her. Often the mistress of the chief smartens up before entering an office to the chief, makes up lips and corrects a hairstyle.

Joint trips - a reason for suspicion

Joint business trips of the chief and his secretary or one of irreplaceable employees - a commonplace. However, if they have too frequent character, it is an occasion to think. Change of a situation and the new place where nobody knows anybody, is a great shelter for lovers. The director and his passion usually go to business trips to other cities or the countries. But also long business trips around the city can cause suspicions. Also one of signs - frequent joint going away from work when the chief suggests the subordinate to give a ride to her to the house or to carry out.

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