Selfie – to the photographer

Selfie – to the photographer

develop promptly, today for certain, almost everyone has an electronic device with the camera of high quality. And probably in recent years, almost everyone photographed itself(himself) independently, and placed the photo somewhere (the benefit of social networks much from Instagram to livejournal, the choice is big).

Hobby of our contemporaries samostrely received the name of a selfie. How it is better to make the picture? How to collect likes of friends? Let's try to understand.


The selfie, this word of the English origin, designates the photo of the person who having extended a hand, photographed itself on the electronic device. The picture can be also taken in a mirror. The popularity to this phenomenon was given by the widest circulation of smartphones and popularity of Instagram where photography in real time became the dominating idea at once.

Of course, it is interesting to photograph mountains, falls, or, say, pyramids. But, you on their background small such! Here and the idea of a selfie appeared. Besides and friends it is not necessary all the time to ask to photograph. Conveniently!

Today the fashion for a selfie extended so that many people just began to treat with contempt for a genre of this photo. A selfie are taken practically by all, school students, housewives, politicians, here only almost nobody thinks of quality of the photowork, and abandons the world with boring, in essence, plots. Plus still a competition for quantity of likes. How to sustain all this?

Today the selfie, in fact, was divided into 2 views: the frontal photo on the camera from an outstretched arm and a photo made in a mirror.

The photo from a hand, looks more naturally, phone is not reflected, and the photographer looks in the camera, but not at the screen. People got skilled at even to be photographed so that the hand is imperceptible, and it seems that the picture someone made another. Minus such photowork – the person too close is from the camera, and respectively, quality of a photo lower.

It is known that demand gives rise to the offer, and in the market there were already supports for modern smartphones allowing to take a selfie from twice bigger distance.

The second most popular type of self-photography – a selfie in a mirror. So, many young people, first of all girls, want to show the true worth not only, but also the stylish clothes. Once in Instagram it was fashionable to photograph itself in toilets of various night institutions, it and was called – toilet onions. Fortunately eventually it became sign of bad form.

Good selfie

  • When you take a selfie, do not forget about fine details. Make a couple of pictures in different foreshortenings in advance, and with a different mimicry on a face, then you will find the most suitable look.
  • The light source has paramount value, remember it, otherwise shadows, say, from a nose will distort your photo. Do a photo in natural lighting, whenever possible, or if it is light of electric lighting, then it has to be rather bright and fall on the person, but not on the camera.
  • Never use flash for a selfie. It will be awful. By the way, professional photographers, for a portrait build a difficult combination from the bulky lighting equipment. To what it how you think? But, if absolutely unbearable, that is one small secret what can use. Ask the friend to include previously on the smartphone a small lamp and to direct light to you to the person. The camera of your smartphone will quickly take focus on a face, and will adjust photosensitivity. The result will be quite good.
  • You remember a background. Make sure that behind you there is nothing of that kind that you should not show to the whole world.
  • Doing the photo, try to blink eyes only a few. The look will become thoughtful, the look – is more interesting.

Bad form in a selfie

In a selfie, also as well as in other genre photos, there is what it is never better to do. Do not repeat others mistakes.

  • If you have no desire to pass for the foolish girl who is interested only in purchases and cosmetics, do not do duckface. Perhaps, nobody will tell anything, but reputation among palsy-walsy you will unambiguously earn corresponding.
  • You do not speak rapidly. To people bothers to look at the same. Diversify Instagram of a photo of the world around or rest with friends, and consider, only one selfie is placed by celebrities.
  • Do you love a selfie in a mirror? It is necessary to fall in love and keep order in the house. Or move a mirror if something is behind located not that. Taking the picture in the public place, in the beginning look back. You never know, or who is behind you
  • Be self-critical. The photo is pleasant to you, but it is not obliged to be pleasant to all. Maybe it is worth editing, sometimes, a little bit?
  • Do not do low-standard photos, justifying oneself the fact that all are so photographed. The fashion passes, and photos remain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team