Signs that the man is in love

Not all men are capable to speak about the feelings openly. Some are afraid of refusal, hesitate, do not want to hurry. And women look for definiteness. And on some signs it is possible and to understand without words that the man is in love and has serious intentions.


1. The man in love often calls, is interested in affairs, offers appointments. In case the partner does not wait for an initiative, and itself shows activity, one may say, that he is strongly interested in the woman. He surely calls back if he sees the passed call from it, writes SMS during the day, tries to contact it in the evening to learn what everything be all right.

2. The man in love reports to the woman about the plans. He warns that he will be late at work, the business trip is necessary to him, he planned a meeting with friends, etc. He does not vanish suddenly, does not switch-off phone and always stays in touch. He does not allow to doubt own decency, behaves responsibly, values the girl's relation.

3. The man in love tries to make gifts. Not always expensive (everything depends on his welfare). It can be the rose presented behind a joint lunch, candies, sweets, etc. Besides, the man wants to learn what the woman dreams of and to execute her dream. These are not necessarily material values - the car, jewelry, etc. It can be a travel to the exotic country, the ticket for a premiere of the film or a performance, champagne on a roof under the star sky and many other things. The man in love wants to make pleasant to the partner and finds various ways to give her pleasure.

4. The man who is in love acquaints the girl with friends and relatives. He wants people close to it to make friends and knew each other better. Besides, the man wishes to prove to the woman gravity of the intentions, and acquaintance to friends and parents - the best for that confirmation.

5. The man in love discusses the joint future. He speaks about a holiday which plans to carry out together, consults on the woman that she would like. He starts a conversation about cohabitation, about family and children.

6. The man who is in love can be too jealous. Usually over time it passes, he learns to trust the partner. But sometimes doubts in fidelity of the beloved pursue the man all life. Most often it happens to diffident men. In this case the partner needs to try to inspire in the man that he is the best and the most favourite. Then he, most likely, to stop tormenting himself and the darling.

7. The man in love cares for the woman and tries to help with everything to her. He undertakes household problems, meets darling by car from work, helps with various affairs on the weekend. It is pleasant to it to render to the woman service, it is glad that it can be useful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team