Signs that you are pleasant to the guy

Signs that you are pleasant to the guy

When the girl very much likes the guy, she is eager that this feeling was mutual. However because representatives of different floors unequally behave in the same situation, the girl can or not notice at all, or misinterpret courtesies which are rendered to it by the young man. Perhaps, it is indifferent for him, or only an object of short-term interest, but no more. Whether there are signs allowing to define unmistakably that the girl really is pleasant to the guy?


1. If you are pleasant to the young man, he will constantly look for your society. In case you fitted on heart to the young man, he will try to see as often as possible you, to send SMS messages, to communicate by phone, in Skype, etc. For this purpose any pretext, even not too plausible will approach literally (and even frankly attracted). The young man will try to catch sight to you at any opportunity, quite often pretending that the meeting took place absolutely accidentally.

2. Whether try to analyze his behavior, for example, it when you come across in the field of his sight changes. If yes, it is good sign. If you were indifferent for it, he would not show emotions, having seen you. Let's say the young man, having noticed you, sharply stops a conversation with other interlocutors, directing all the attention to your person.

3. The guy who likes the girl tries to secure it against the risks sometimes existing only in his imagination. Therefore if the young man suggests the help to meet and take, for example, you home in night-time, it can show its feelings too. Also he will inquire after often about your health, mood, affairs.

4. In case you for it obviously not one of many, he can feel jealousy. Try to notice furtively as it reacts when you communicate with other guys, especially if you show them the arrangement (smiling at a conversation, agreeing to slow dance, etc.). If he frowns, or some different way to show the discontent, it is easy to guess the reason of such behavior. But do not go too far, if he thinks that you are indifferent to it, he can just try to forget you.

5. At last, there is one more faultless way of check of feelings of the guy. Young people who really like girls a lot of things forgive them. For example, allow to play a trick quite caustically on themselves, to play. If the guy shows the patience of job at your caustic jokes, you obviously very much are pleasant to it. But, of course, you should not go too far, everything is good moderately! Do not humiliate the young man even if you just joke thus. Can tell surprises, gifts about its warm feelings from him. After all, attentively look in his eyes, the look of the young man in love will be warm, radiating tender feelings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team