Simple rules how to make family life happy

Simple rules how to make family life happy

Psychologists are sure: it is easy to construct happy family if firmly to adhere to rules, simple, but obligatory to execution.

Discuss these rules on family council and begin to carry out them. Also be sure: your experiment on creation of happy family is doomed to success!

The family relations -  it is the most important

Now many brides look for the successful groom: absorbed by work, career, getting of money. And it is necessary to look for the man who will be absorbed by the woman! Work and career - will be put if behind the back of the man support of darling. Both work, and friends, and hobbies - all this has to be not the main thing in the priority list and for the wife, and for the husband. The main thing - harmony of the relations, interest to each other and fullness with each other. If each other as the supreme value is realized by both spouses, then their family, certainly, will be happy.

Nobody should not nothing to anybody

The family will be happy, only if all duties which are distributed between her members, they undertake voluntarily, but not "under pressure". How to organize it?

First, to distribute affairs on desire and tendencies.

Secondly, not to plague, demanding execution them at strictly certain moment and strictly stipulated way, and to provide in it freedom.

Thirdly, it is important to praise and thank for everything that does everyone for family. Only then the wife will prepare to please relatives, and the husband will support the house as it should be to deserve admiration of members of household. Any requirements - only tender requests, any criticism - only a praise!

Spouses for each other first of all - the man and the woman

The harmonious relations of the man and woman are always under construction on physical inclination to each other and spiritual proximity. During a different time of the relations these ratios are various: in the period of love the physical attraction is more important, at mature spouses the spiritual proximity predominates. The main thing is to remain for each other attractive and desired. And it means: to watch itself, the appearance; to try to be and - to expand with the interesting interlocutor a circle of the hobbies; to find pleasure in pleasing the half with pleasant acts and unexpected surprises.

Everyone does that wants

The family will be happy if nobody forces to renounce the interests and desires to please to others interests and desires. If the husband gathered for soccer, and the wife planned a visit of theater on the same day, then why don't theywhy don't they disperse in different directions to make what is asked by soul? Only understanding that all family members are free in the choice that they have the right to arrive as they want, makes everyone happy. And if in family there is happiness, then her members will not want to leave with each other, so, it will be more joint affairs, projects and entertainments, than individual.

Destructive habits

Habit to criticize. The person who is criticized has a stress and discomfort. If you love the relatives, try to minimize criticism. Do not carp on trifles.

Habit to pull a blanket on itself. So it is intended by the nature that the man in couple - the leader, and the woman - his support and a support. In those families where such role arrangements are broken, there are unhealthy relations which finally can lead to crash. It is important to Zhenya to learn to be womanly and wise: to provide to the husband a role of the leader, defender and getter.

Habit to go down stream. When couple endures a rose and candy stage, everyone tries to please another with the appearance, gifts and surprises. Eventually the romanticism passes into the background, and spouses slowly begin to look on the parties in search of lost. Do not allow it!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team