Smoking consequences

Smoking consequences

Most of smokers fondly believe that if they want to leave off smoking, then by all means will throw with little effort. However in any similar attempt immediately there are situations in which not to do without cigarette: the chief-fool shouted, ours lost, the girlfriend, etc. threw. This first consequence of smoking – dependence which also arises from smoking of marijuana, a hookah, a spice, etc. To the second, it is possible to carry a consequence of sharp refusal of smoking. In this case, against the background of the weakened immune system there is an exacerbation of chronic diseases, insomnia, irritability, a headache, the working capacity decreases.

What else except dependence and refusal is a consequence after smoking?

Consequences of smoking of cigarettes:

  • smokers risk to develop cancer of lung, throats, bronchial tubes and other types of cancer;
  • changes of internals. In this case respiratory organs, digestive tract and warmly vascular system suffer more often (including IMS);
  • changes of face skin, an unpleasant smell from a mouth, yellowness on teeth and other.

Consequences of smoking of electronic cigarettes:

  • harmful effects of nicotine lead to oxygen starvation of a brain and other bodies;
  • the mutation of cells which is transferred to the subsequent generations;
  • heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke;
  • in attempt to get rid of smoking of simple cigarettes, the person becomes "slave" electronic, appears nicotinic and psychological addiction.

Consequences of smoking of a hookah:

  • violations of functions of lungs, development of oncological diseases, infertility, heart troubles and others, similar to negative consequences of smoking of cigarettes;
  • use of the general mouthpiece can lead to infection with viral diseases.

Tobacco smoking consequences:

Tobacco smoking leads to oncological diseases, most often it is lung cancer, throats, a gullet, etc. and also to diseases of warmly vascular system, emphysema of lungs, violations brain blood circulation, to violations of functions of memory, diseases of a pancreas, bladder and other bodies.

Consequences of smoking of a spice:

  • makes the strongest impact on mentality of the person, can bring to a suicide;
  • leads to violations in all systems of a human body, causing various diseases from violations of functions of a liver to a hair loss, to the termination of their growth.

Hemp smoking consequences

Hemp in use has several names: hashish, hemp, marijuana, grass, plan and others. They differ by a method of preparation and use, however, not very well as call this drug in the people and as he is trained, important what consequences after its smoking expect smokers.

Marijuana smoking consequences:

  • memory violations;
  • the weakened immune system;
  • cancer diseases, lungs and a brain of the person are especially subject;
  • negatively influences thought process and perception of the world.

Hashish smoking consequences:

  • attracts development of oncological diseases, in particular lung cancer;
  • violations in work cardiovascular, respiratory (pharyngitis, bronchitis), nervous systems are observed;
  • decrease in visual acuity and also hyperaemia.

Deteriorations in a human body, its psychological state, decrease in mental capacities are obligatory consequences of smoking of hashish of which it is very difficult to get rid because many of them are irreversible.

Hemp smoking consequences:

  • negatively influences nervous cells of a brain;
  • promotes developing of oncological diseases;
  • leads to violation and diseases of a respiratory system;
  • affects intellectual ability of the person, his memory.

One of hemp smoking consequences as however, and all drugs of this series and also simple cigarettes, is that they can lead from one of the listed diseases to a lethal outcome.

More often smokers have a question: how to get rid of smoking consequences how to leave off smoking, etc. One answer, address the narcologist who will help correctly, to pick up effective treatment proceeding from your psychophysical features.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team