Sociophobia - symptoms

Sociophobia - symptoms

All of us, anyway, pay attention to opinion of people around on the acts, but some people are too sensitive to it. They are tormented by fear to be mocked or to receive disapproval of the actions. Such state is called a social phobia. There is it usually at teenage age, can weaken over time, and can accompany the person and all life.

Sociophobia reasons

Before speaking about the reasons and symptoms of sociophobia, it is necessary to learn to distinguish it from an introversion and a sociopathy with which it is often confused. Introverts do not feel fear of publicity, it is simple to them to put more comfortably thoughts in order alone, without others presence. But especially often mix concepts of sociophobia and a sociopathy which actually are absolutely different problems. Sociopaths are not afraid of society, it is simple to them to spit on it. All rules are respected only until are favorable. At the same time sociopaths can be quite very popular in society. And here persons with social phobia try to avoid in every way communication with other people because of fear to be mocked, and in case of unsuccessful contact the pain will be felt as physical.

The sociophobia develops up to 20 years, after this age the emergence of a problem happens extremely seldom. The majority of cases fall on school days when the child has especially big stresses, meeting new collective. Also any humiliating event, physical and psychological abuse can become the reason of development of sociophobia. The feasible contribution in formation of a problem is brought also by parents, subjecting the child to excessive guardianship or constantly criticizing.

Signs of sociophobia

The problem cannot be underestimated therefore it is important to be able to find it and to begin to fight. The main symptoms of sociophobia is excessive focus of the person on the experiences and fear not to meet expectation of people around. Desire to look good in the opinion of all people makes the person too dependent on others opinion. And all failures are reliably stored in memory, becoming reasons for the constant analysis and torments. It provokes development of diffidence that complicates a possibility of communication with other people even more. Also indirect signs of sociophobia are a shiver in legs and hands, breath violations, reddening of face skin, perspiration, nausea and increase of heartbeat.

All this considerably lowers quality of life of people with a social phobia, turning them practically into hermits. Appointments, new acquaintances, visits of concerts of favorite bands and restaurants become inaccessible to them, it is quiet them only at home. Therefore it is difficult to find the person with sociophobia who would not think how to struggle with it. But quite often people are afraid to go to the expert and try to find rescue in alcohol that leads to aggravation of a state and acquisition of harmful dependence. Therefore if the situation cannot be controlled independently, it is necessary to ask a question how to struggle with sociophobia, to the psychotherapist. Only it will be able to open all reasons, to find the correct way of therapy and to pick up medicines for removal of unpleasant manifestations in the form of rapid breathing or pulse. Besides, the main problem can be complemented with depressions, alcohol addiction and suicide bents that too will make impossible independent fight against a disease. It is also necessary to understand that symptoms of sociophobia can be very similar to the panic attacks, and only the good expert will be able to distinguish these two different problems.


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