Spending the night in extreme conditions"

Spending the night in extreme conditions"

people who actively are fond of sports tourism at any time there can be a danger to be left without the corresponding equipment for a lodging for the night in extreme conditions for a human body.

In the twenty first age of a situation when it is impossible to build a fabric and frame or snow shelter or to make fire, practically do not arise. Even the environment allows the person to find a shelter for the night in the worst case. But what to do if the extreme case took place in the area where there are practically no trees and snow cover, and near at hand there are even no simplest construction tools and materials.

The most widespread cases when the person appears in private with the nature, lag from the main group is. Without having an opportunity to continue a way, lagged behind or lagged behind there is no nothing else left except how to remain on the place to wait for the help or dawn anew to find a trace. Best of all in such situation in close proximity to the place of loss of a trace to kindle a fire which not only will give heat, but also will serve as the peculiar beacon considerably facilitating search of the victim. But in some places the cultivation of a fire can turn out problematic therefore the traveler should make a halt in the place which well would be visible from outside to which the victim's companions went, and would be reliably protected from wind. To avoid overcooling, all available clothes need to be put on itself and to fill in a storm way. Skis need to be removed, to weaken a lacing on footwear that it did not squeeze a leg, and it is even better to change the shoes, having put on spare warm footwear. After that it is necessary to sit down on a backpack, a back by wind and to throw with a sleeping bag a back and the head. If there is a polyethylene film, it is necessary to muffle in it. It is the best of all to reel up a film "paper bag" on the skis and ski sticks thrust during snow at an angle 45 — 60 °, having turned in bottom edge under a backpack. In this improvised shelter it is possible to light a candle. It will give warmly and at the same time will highlight a shelter in surrounding darkness. For economy I shine better to light only on short periods. In such situation it is impossible to sleep at all. Periodically it is necessary to move for heating of an organism and to carry out intensive physical exercises.


In case of a snowstorm or a blizzard it is necessary to build more solid shelter. Also not superfluous will be to dig out a big hole for a fire and to strengthen the place of a lodging for the night by means of snow. If there is an opportunity – mark the place of loss of a trace and the location. If necessary tools are unavailable, then it is possible to try to spend night and without these actions, especially to windless weather and without any precipitations. It is possible to try to spend the night under the open sky, lying or semi-sitting, having gathered as much as possible dense group. At the same time it is necessary to be isolated from the cold soil as much as possible. Sitting outside cover, warm, control a condition of the vacationers placed in the center and further are interchanged the position with them. It is possible to be located sitting in two ranks a back to a back, having laid vacationers on legs and having covered them with hands and clothes.


Cases when people spent the night are known, having buried during dry snow (in a sleet it is almost impossible to spend the night). But similar method can be used, only when the victims disaster have the warm, low-becoming wet clothes, a significant amount of food when they are rather strong to control the dream or when the snowstorm which cannot be waited standing began. It is the most convenient to bury in naduva behind obstacles, in snowdrifts between bushes. During a snowstorm specially it is not necessary to bury anywhere, wind itself will gradually fill up, will close the person a thick snow fur coat. Before settling, on the earth it is necessary to arrange a primitive stove bench from any heat-insulating material, then to clasp, stick, sew up all pockets, all openings, cracks in clothes where snow can jam, to roll up the head any free fabric, and it is better to thrust into an empty backpack. It is possible to try to get into a long self-made backpack completely, having curled up, or to cut out in opening corners for legs and to put on it a body from below as trousers, having tightened a mouth over the head. It is very important to warm legs as much as possible. In the absence of material the head should be wound with a scarf or the sleeve which is torn off from a sweater and to close the hands bent in elbows. It is necessary to lay down sideways, having slightly bent in a belt. In the beginning snow nagrebatsya on legs, then on a back and a breast. In the absence of a heat-insulating laying it is possible to sleep on all fours a back up on the bent legs and hands, having strongly bent in a belt. In such pose the vital parts of a body will be protected, and the greatest overcooling is necessary on elbows and knees. It is desirable to change a pose periodically. During a blizzard that the deep snowdrift was quicker formed, it is necessary to thrust several branches during snow alee or to put some high objects.


It is also possible to apply a way which paratroopers use. It is necessary to find several bushes growing at a row, to try to bend them to each other both to connect tops and to lay from above polyethylene, clothes or a groundsheet. For the night under this design it is necessary to hide, and the snow layer which is formed during the night will provide additional protection. More radical way is to lay down dense group on the earth, having wrapped up in sleeping bags or groundsheets. Those who settle down with edge pretty fast freeze and have to move in a heap of human bodies. And so all night long, moving from edge to the center and from the center to edge, it is possible to save the organism from a frostbite.

It is worth noticing that all councils stated in this article are intended for the most force majeur situations when for a construction of a decent shelter there are not enough forces, time or materials, and climatic conditions are deadly to life. For more or less safe shelter will be snow cover two-three centimeters thick enough.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team