Spiritual development

Spiritual development

… Who I am? … Why I here and why? … What around me? … What will be later? …

If you read this article, so as well as I, you look for answers. Answers to questions which you ask yourself. Not frequent questions, because that frequency turns important into ordinary. Questions not only reason, but also soul. They sound quietly as a bell-ringing echo, but the effect of the received answer can muffle a gun shot.

Other formulation can at you, but if thought of something similar, know - it is the beginning of your growth. You are waited, perhaps, by the most fascinating adventure. You are ready to learn yourself and the world around you. Ahead – your spiritual development.

What is the spiritual development of the person? For today unambiguous, exhaustive and final definition to this concept does not exist. The reasons for that a set – from religious contradictions to economic distinctions not only the countries, but also each of us separately, from a historical way of society yesterday to a specific situation today, from traditions to prejudices. Let's use one of definitions: spiritual personal development – an indicator of the qualities of the person connected with his morality, inner world, ethics; judgment of purpose of the life, the mission. It is also possible to define spiritual development of the person as awareness of own responsibility for the taking place events and absolute participation in them; extent of understanding of integrity of the personality and universe. And of course – aspiration to constant improvement.

You here, it means – you understand that behind the words spiritual search and development there is something bigger, than just a phrase. It means, you look for ways of spiritual development. And it is correct. Eventually - it can be the only thing on what it was worth spending time, forces and money.

What to begin spiritual development with? Perhaps, from acceptance of the fact that it is not result, it is not line which needs to be crossed. Spiritual development is a way, it is process. And, process constant, unceasing. If process stops if spiritual development fades, the person is doomed. Because in this process it is impossible to take a break and to stand on the place, it is possible or grow, or to degrade.

Any process has the characteristics. At least, this direction and speed of course, size of changes. The same and with spiritual development. It is only possible to improve what can be measured, it means, it is possible not only to keep track of dynamics of spiritual development of the person, but also to increase levels of spiritual development. It is possible to move from smaller to bigger, increasing the level of spiritual development of the personality. And how to be guided in the direction? Simply. You look at result. If what you practice does your life easier, better, brighter, more interesting if you become more tolerant, kinder if in you there are a pacification and harmony – you on the right track. If you feel enthusiasm, rise, the joy that your personality becomes more mature, your morality grows, the ability to see an essence of things increases – your way is also chosen truly. If you are filled by gratitude and love, so you do what is necessary.

Fortunately, in today's society there are various directions and ways of spiritual development, both traditional, and alternative. It can be education, cultural development, public work habitual to us. There can be literature – from the Bible to the Quran; perhaps spirituality – from mental meditations to ceremonies and physical exercises; and visit of shrines can – from Mecca or Vatican, to places of Force and places of Rest and the Privacy. Only you decide when and what to begin with. Spiritual development has no restrictions. Perhaps, you will read several classical books or, for example, the yoga will be the beginning. Spiritual development does not demand start from something certain. Ways of spiritual development are individual, for example, spiritual development of the woman differs from men's. Glance in own soul what your heart reaches for?

Small remark: as life shows, would be naive to hope that spiritual search and spiritual development it is possible to call external impacts on the personality or will, on reason or a body, on emotions or feelings of the person. These are only external circumstances. The real spiritual development arises from within. And only then, at achievement of appropriate level, its external manifestations become noticeable.

Any process submits to certain laws. Also there are laws of spiritual development. If process development, for example, of nuclear or electric submits to laws of physics, then laws of spiritual development are universal values.

And still, if you are not lonely, surely discuss spiritual development together with the partner. Perhaps, it happened so that your half does not divide your aspirations yet. It's all right. Hold your horses. Just set an example. You are surprised to how passing stages of spiritual development, your personality will grow up from within. Of course, this growth and changes will be shown also in external life. Increasing own levels of spiritual development, you will become more interesting, more attractive as the person, and the scale of your personality will increase to such an extent that you will cease to need someone's support. You will be able to support others. Near you people will feel comfortable and surely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team