Spiritual needs of the person

Spiritual needs of the person

We always lack something for entire happiness. Some want the car, others the house on the seashore. But receiving it, people all the same feel unfortunate. If you dream to earn a lot of money too, ask the rich whether they are happy? The majority will tell that it is not present. And business here not in whether correctly the person uses the saved-up capitals. The wisest minds of mankind proved many centuries that true happiness always is nearby. And our true requirements have the spiritual beginning.

In what feature of spiritual needs? They are the supreme human values and are important for most of people. Their level is the most important in the human person. All of us want to be engaged in interesting business, to find the love, to find self-confidence and to learn this world. Spiritual needs of the person can be listed infinitely. The main thing that values which he needs were available to it.

Types of spiritual needs

Spiritual human life is combined with many other spheres – political, legal, social. Cultural wealth plays a major role in this combination. They help to develop outlook of the person and his best social qualities. The internal harmony of the person always depends on that, his spiritual needs are how satisfied. Types of spiritual needs of the person are very various. To main of them creativity, self-expression, aspiration belong to knowledge, perception of works of art and self-affirmation. Spiritual human wants are nothing but need in improvement and satisfaction of sense of beauty. As interaction with the world around can be made not only the certain person, but also social community, it is accepted to divide concepts spiritual need of the personality and spiritual needs of society.

The spiritual need of the personality is, first of all, a property of mentality of the person. This that state when the personality needs satisfaction of moral needs more than material. The spirituality of the person is a constant aspiration to own improvement and self-development. In this aspiration of the personality the best means of achievement of spiritual needs are three major values:

  1. This concept has the general assessment of human activity and is put contrary to the evil.
  2. This combination of qualities which bring pleasure of the personality and are pleasant to hearing and a look.
  3. A view of the personality of reality, without the invented ideals and embellishments. The truth is a reflection of that reality as it is.

As told one great – true wealth of the person - in his inner world. The main vital achievement of the personality is not only in satisfaction of spiritual needs, but also in their use for the benefit of society.

Spiritual needs of society are a set of needs of many people. Spiritual life of society consists of these requirements and their satisfaction. Society generates such spiritual beginnings as an esthetics, knowledge and customs from which the morals, art, science, creativity, religion and philosophy are born. The shortage of these spiritual qualities is compensated for the account of education and education. Spiritual needs of society reflect its aspiration to perfect condition. Such cultural wealth as sense of beauty, the truth and justice, opposition of the good and evil, society expresses the relation to what occurs in reality.

Satisfaction of spiritual needs

Formation of spiritual needs happens already in the childhood. Sense of beauty perceives children's awareness much more brightly and more colourfully. Therefore it is so important to put all esthetic and spiritual qualities which he needs the child. It will help it not only to interact harmoniously with the world around and to be engaged in self-development, but also already at advanced age to endure the crises connected with loss of close people, diseases and accidents. The personality in the spiritual plan is stronger, the various struggles of life are endured more simply.

If the need for spiritual development does not stop overcoming you, then it is possible to satisfy it by means of the same methods which are used when forming spiritual needs at children. These ways do not even need to be remembered. They are so natural that in everyday life we a time do not even notice them.

  1. Communication with the nature. Many people perceive giving as penal servitude, and departure on the nature to them long ago does not bring due pleasure. Try to relax and admire a decline or a rustle of leaves under legs. And if at the dacha vegetables which you planted, at last, ascended and this fact brought you feeling of joy and delight, can not doubt that you are in harmony with yourself.
  2. Appeal to art. Many are capable to excite people such spheres of art as music, architecture, painting, graphics, dance and others. Choose for yourself that direction to which you are not indifferent and your need for harmony will be completely satisfied.
  3. Listen to yourself. Your inner voice can give you a lot of important information. It is not necessary to be discharged of it. Find time that to hear it. It can go on nature walk, occupation yoga or visit of church. Listen to the inner voice at least 5 minutes a day, and you will notice how in soul there comes the feeling of tranquility. You will achieve feeling of consent with yourself and will begin to make decisions more surely.
  4. Communicate with animals. Our brothers smaller are capable to lift up even physically disabled person. What to tell about those who just need spiritual harmony. Becoming is closer to creations of the nature, ourselves become its part, so, we find peace of mind.

Spiritual needs of the person can be shown even in simple on the first a look desires – to leave on the nature with friends and to take a breath, or to visit the unknown city and to stir up consciousness new impressions. If you feel similar aspiration go to a concert, or in church, go on the nature or just take a walk in the city at sunset. Do not forget that our main wealth is a cultural wealth and knowledge. The more we satisfy the need for them, the our personality becomes stronger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team