Stages of acceptance of a grief

Stages of acceptance of a grief

At the time the American psychologist Elisabeth Kyubler-Ross removed five main stages of acceptance of a grief, death or any other event which causes a strong emotional shock in the person. Today its practices are used by many psychotherapists worldwide and help people to endure terrible events.

5 stages of acceptance of a grief

Treat them:

  1. Denial. The person can as it is conscious, and to believe unconsciously that nothing of that kind in his life was and that this bad dream will come to an end soon. He does not wish to discuss happened to someone and pretends that nothing occurred.
  2. Anger. At this stage of people blames God, destiny, a karma and complains about the unfortunate life. He asks all the time: "Why I? Why it happened to me?"
  3. Auction. On this from five stages of acceptance of a grief the person has a hope that tragic incident could be changed or prevented. He assumes all the time what would be if …. For example, at road accident the heart-broken person can assume that there were several reasons to cancel a trip or to postpone it to other time. If it is about a painful divorce or break in relations with darling, then the offended party can do attempts to reconcile, ask to give "the second chance" or at least permission to remain friends.
  4. Depression. On this extent of acceptance of a grief of people falls into full despondency and hopelessness. To it understanding comes that nothing can be changed that life will not be any more such as before. As practice shows, the stage happens the most long. In a condition of a severe depression the people begin to hit the bottle, lose work, and together with it and meaning of life. Not all manage to pass to the following stage – many degrade as persons.
  5. Acceptance. On 5 of all extents of acceptance of a grief of people reconciles to what happened and plans the further life.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team