Stress management

Stress management

Stresses trap us everywhere: in public transport, at work, houses. The gray sky, gray asphalt, the gloomy people dressed in all dark. At once can seem that is not present in the world of paints any more, and everything plays only against you around: the computer brakes all day, the chief demands to hand over complex work in the shortest possible time, colleagues whisper at you behind the back... Also it is unknown what can become a last straw which will exhaust all patience: perhaps, it will be a lace on a boot which does not want to be untied or maybe the passerby who accidentally shouldered in city turmoil in any way...

Stress management (management of stresses) — popular science how it is possible to operate itself at the stress moments and also as it is the most effective to overcome consequences of negative situations. Management can receive useful skills on trainings on a stress or having independently studied literature and having executed various exercises on fight against stresses.

The stress is harmful not always. The nature not for nothing allocated living beings with an opportunity "to gather" in danger situations. The stress is a natural mechanism which helps the person (and an animal) successfully to function in the conditions of force majeure. Therefore the concept of a stress of management does not bear in itself negative loading. In certain doses the stress is even useful. The main thing not to ache, it is necessary to control loads of an organism and to alternate them to the relaxation moments. On it many exercises a management stress are based.

Training in fight against troubles has 2 directions:

  • basic relaxation;
  • modification of behavior.

The basic relaxation is a basis of bases of management by stresses. This practice developed 100 years ago is still applied on trainings on a stress management. Exercise consists in consecutive concentration of the person on various parts of a body. Each muscle alternately relaxes and strains. The attention of the person has to be concentrated on those feelings which arise at relaxation. Thus, the full relaxation is reached. Today elements of auto-training and meditation are added to this basic equipment a stress of management.

Modification of behavior is often applied within management management of stresses at work. Exercise is in transferring the negative reaction to a stressful situation to the positive course. In particular, to paraphrase the statements so that they sounded in a positive key. For example, the phrase "At me is problems at work" can be modified in "I have at work a situation which requires a lot of attention", etc.

Great way of disposal of emotional stresses are physical activities. Visit of the gym after work or in a lunch break considerably increases resistance to stress level at the person. Even if there is no opportunity to play sports - just move. Received unpleasant news at work — get up, look at yourself in a mirror, make to yourself tea or just go outside for several minutes. The movement will distract attention from alleged danger.

Having come home, venture a contrast shower. Douche by alternately hot and cold water guarantees a crazy charge of cheerfulness and raising of mood at several o'clock — a minimum.

Management of management of stresses can be carried out not only individually, but also within the organization in general. Certainly, rescue of drowning — work drowning, but also a lot of things depends on surrounding reality. So the company can partially level a stress for workers, having taken, in particular, such measures:

  • to establish the system of feedback between subordinates and chiefs;
  • to allow employees to participation in decision-making;
  • to organize command forms of work;
  • it is accurate to distribute labor duties and limits of personal responsibility between employees;
  • to evenly distribute workload.

Psychological receptions to unload itself a huge number. It is possible to execute exercises both to learn to control itself and to do not pass a negative in the inner world. However, the best and the checked way of fight against a stress is a feeling of love. The love is a stress too, but such from which wings grow, and all problems at work, houses and in public transport seem such insignificant...


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team