Structure of intelligence

Structure of intelligence

It is improbable that each of us thought of what is structure of intelligence. And in vain, in everyday life each its element has invaluable impact on us, helping it is better to cope with vital difficulties, the phenomena and we designate.

Structure of intelligence in psychology

Psychologists called intelligence long ago the system of mental processes thanks to which each person applies the abilities not only to estimate and analyze a situation, but also for the purpose of adoption of rational decisions and the organization of own behavior. In other words, it is ability to thinking. Only it is not necessary to call intelligence morality, humanity and especially result of elite education.

If to speak about its structure, then it is necessary to allocate the following components:

  1. General intelligence. Thanks to it any activity makes success or sometimes has no. With its help the personality adapts to the environment, is capable to process quickly obtained information.
  2. Special. Here all much more already. Mental processes which are a basis of this intelligence are directed to the solution of some specific objectives in a certain type of activity. For example, it is involved during permission of interpersonal problems.
  3. Potential. Here the reasoning and abstraction is concentrated. And, if to speak about different views on structure of intelligence, then the famous scientist Kettel considered that this intelligence is formed only by 20 years and not earlier than.
  4. Crystal. It arises only after the person saves up amount of abilities sufficient for this purpose, skills and knowledge.

Structure of emotional intelligence

It is interesting that it differs from habitual to those that helps the person to interpret intuitively a situation and to influence it. Its structure allocates: perception of emotions, their use for stimulation of thinking, understanding of emotions and also their management.

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