Sympathy or self-deception?

Sympathy or self-deception?

Sometimes girls mistakenly consider that the guy has to them feelings. Unfortunately, women have the exclusive gift to convince themselves of something absolutely absurd. Some makers are even capable to take own invention for true reality through some time. Sometimes, that the guy in every possible way shows an affection, but the lovely lady further the nose does not notice anything. How to define that you actually were pleasant to the guy?

Certainly, it is worth paying attention in his opinion. If you were pleasant to the guy, he sharply will take a look aside at a meeting with you eyes. Remember: the long look, more than 15 seconds, guards and frightens people. If the guy too long looks at you, perhaps, something not so with your appearance. Check whether you sat down accidentally on ice cream. It is worth to rememberIt is worth to remember that many guys perfectly communicate with all girls in a row. If he frankly makes advances not only to you, but also to other ladies, he does not cost your attention.

Except a look, surely pay attention to its voice. If the guy has to you any feelings, he will worry considerably during the conversation with you. Be not frightened if the guy for nervousness slightly falters. You should not focus attention on it.

If you are really nice to the young man, your presence will confuse a little him. He will behave shy and awkwardly. If the guy more persistent and courageous, a manner of his behavior, on the contrary, can become causing, drawing your attention. The young man in love will not notice anybody, except you. And it is, perhaps, the most important sign that you to it are very nice. Communicating with a subject of the adoration, the young man will always openly gesticulate. He can bend to you, kind of trying to embrace. A foot of legs at a conversation will be sent to your party that shows sincere interest in the interlocutor. Accidentally having touched your hair or finger-tips, he will not begin to straighten out a hand, and, on the contrary, will be late, trying to prolong touch. If you look at it at this moment, most likely, he strongly will be confused and will take away the hand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team