Symptoms of alcoholism at the man

Symptoms of alcoholism at the man

Alcoholism is a serious problem of the present. Every year the percent of people who die of similar, dependences increases. At the man it can appear for various reasons, but a result, unfortunately, same. To get rid of dependence very difficult therefore close people have to notice the first symptoms of alcoholism at the man as soon as possible to begin fight. The longer the person will be in dependence, the more problems with health at him will arise. The problem strikes at the psychological and physical level and also it affects appearance.

How to distinguish the alcoholic?

Narcologists allocate three stages of development of alcoholism which have signs. The first period lasts on average 1-2 years, but everything is individual. The person derives sheer pleasure from alcohol intake in the beginning. Since the ability to control quantity of drunk vanishes. The first symptom of alcoholism at men – emergence of strong thirst for alcoholic drinks. Anything can be the reason to drink one-other glass. The person is sure that he can throw at any time. At the first stage sharp differences of mood, especially are also noticeable if business concerns binge.

Symptoms of male alcoholism at the second stage:

  1. The problems connected with psychological state are pronounced, for example, sharp change of mood is observed, aggression, irritability, etc. is shown.
  2. Desire to drink comes out on top, and the family, work, leisure and other vital spheres take a back seat.
  3. There are problems with concentration, memory and mental capacities. Morning cannot be presented without alcohol dose.
  4. The man can go to hard drinking for several days, and doses of alcohol are considerably exceeded.

At this stage of development of alcohol addiction it just is necessary to notice it. Relatives have to react as soon as possible to a problem and address experts.

A strong indication of alcoholism at the man at the third stage – continuous hard drinking which it is impossible to leave without the assistance of doctors. Sharply the tolerance of alcohol falls and the person can become tipsy from a glass of beer. For the sake of receiving a dose the man can go to what pleasing. A huge number of people in such state not only go for theft, but also kill. The alcoholic has a huge number of diseases, for example, cirrhosis, an ulcer, atherosclerosis, problems with a cardiovascular system, etc. Many diseases are in the started stage, and it is completely already impossible to cure them.

How to distinguish the alcoholic on external signs?

The longer the person takes alcohol, the stronger it affects its appearance. For example, there is a deformation of collagenic structures of skin, and it leads to the fact that muscles on a face lose the tone and begin to sag.

Other external symptoms of alcohol addiction:

  1. Face skin becomes red, and over time there are "asterisks" from the burst capillaries.
  2. The eye area gets a blue shade and also puffiness appears. In common people it is called "bags". Also other parts of a body can swell, and it is explained by violation of work of kidneys.
  3. One more symptom of alcoholism – the crooked fingers of hands which cannot be unbent because of a spasm of sinews.
  4. At some people skin becomes yellowish that is a consequence of misoperation of a liver and gall bladder.
  5. The shiver in hands appears from behind neurologic problems, coordination of movements, etc. is broken.

The more the person drinks, the earlier he will show these signs.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team