Tender nicknames for the beloved husband

Tender nicknames for the beloved husband

By means of one tender word it is possible to lighten the mood to the man. Therefore it is very important to pick up correctly to it a nickname that it showed your love, tenderness, care. But at the same time did not touch his courage and did not offend. Choose a tender nickname for the beloved husband, making a start from his character and preferences.

If you do not pursue originality, it is possible to use widespread nicknames. From it they do not become less pleasant or significant. There is a set of popular options: "hare", "kitten", "sun", "мася", "paw", "kid" and others. If it is good to study lists of such nicknames, it is possible to find interesting options and to use them.

But it is possible to show the love by means of traditional methods and to call darling by adjectives: dear, darling, darling, etc. Such words will always show your attitude towards the man. It will be pleasant to any to hear that the wife addresses it with such tenderness.

Pick up an individual nickname

Comparison with an animal can be used as a nickname too. Look narrowly more attentively at the man and think what animal he reminds. Perhaps, it big and mighty as the bear cub, or likes to luxuriate in a bed as a cat. It is possible to use the sign of a horoscope – "young lion", "козерожек", "skorpionchik".

The main thing to select not offensive animals, very few people want him to be called a kid or a pig. Though in playful tone and them it is possible to use.

Make a start from character or habits of your man. If he likes to sleep long on days off, it is possible to call him "sleepyhead" tenderly. Or if he during passion bites you, it is possible to call its "kusak". If he is an excellent lover, emphasize it with a passionate nickname – "my giant" or "stallion".

It is better to use intimate nicknames only alone. Use them only in a bed, then the simple mention of this word will be adjusted on the necessary mood.

Think up derivative of a name or a surname. Give vent to imagination and try to develop these words. To add suffixes, to adapt for character of the man, to connect with in other words. It is possible to receive many options which will be an original nickname for darling.

Rules for use of a nickname

That the tender nickname did not turn into an unexpected quarrel, it is necessary to follow several rules. First, not to use a nickname which was to the taste not to the man. If you one or two times called the man "cat", and he only frowns and asks so it not to call, better not to offend him, and to pick up other word. Secondly, not to use a nickname on public. If your husband is considered serious in certain circles and the businessman, do not spoil his reputation. Any adult man there is no wish to be called "hare" in public.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team