That brings girls in guys

That brings girls in guys

In the relations between the guy and the girl there can come stagnation therefore again to kindle fire of former love and passion, it is important to know that it brings women.

What actions of guys bring girls?

It is known that women like to listen to various compliments and praises from men. To bring the girl, you can not just shower with her pleasant words, but also work more cunning: having remained with her alone or even being in the company of friends, whisper it on an ear different tendernesses, easily touching an auricle with lips. Between you trusting relationship in which you will be able to speak without feeling of constraint each other about the most intimate desires have to be established. Only all words told by you have to be truthful and sincere, girls always feel a lie.

Girls are brought by the desperate acts of guys made for the sake of them. Organize it the mind-blowing appointments filled with an extreme. Sensation of fear causes sharp excitement too.

Learn to hint gestures and language of a body to the girl at desire of physical proximity. Passionately you look it in the face the undressing look, use light touches to her neck, wrists, shoulders and the back of hands. Your contacts have to be persistent, but at the same time gentle, causing goosebumps on a body. The girl has to feel that she is desired you. Before passing to sexual intercourse, do not forget about a prelude. To women not process of sex is important, and began it. Use long preliminary caress completely to liberate the soulmate. Attentively study her body contacts of hands and lips, you have to see and understand what affects her excitingly and what it is better to refuse.

What male qualities bring girls?

To excite the girl, let it know that you - very strong, but attentive man. Women it is crazy about guys who lead a healthy lifestyle and play sports. It is not obligatory to have too relief figure at all, but a little driven muscles have to be present, and it is better to emphasize them with clothes. If you have beautiful and strong hands, wear the fitting undershirts baring your advantages. Ladies like to look at open shoulders and male hands. Besides, girls are brought by male frankness. If you want to make something with the girl, do not hide it. If you are alone, you can openly admit that the interesting idea concerning something intimate came to your mind.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team