That the woman has to hide from the man: 9 taboo subjects

That the woman has to hide from the man: 9 taboo subjects

In the woman there has to be some riddle therefore it is better not to discuss some things with the man. If there is a wish to construct the harmonious and happy relations, you should not concern subjects which can be unpleasant to darling.

There are subjects which psychologists do not advise to mention in the course of communication with the man. It will help to keep an intrigue in the relations. The woman has to have small secrets even from darling. Experts allocate 9 main taboo subjects. 

Details of the relations with former

To construct strong and trusting relationship with the new elect, it is not necessary to discuss with him last novels at all. These details of the biography it is better to hide or depict them in general if the man himself asks about it. A talk on this subject can be not absolutely pleasant to darling. If the woman badly speaks of last beloved, tells about them rather personal belongings, it can confuse the man. He will think that to it there can sometime be the same. 

Men like to feel like winners. When they hear that their darling in the past had many fleeting novels, these are reduces the value of the companion in their eyes a little. You should not tell darling about the former partners and special attention from men that he did not lose interest and did not begin to consider the woman by ""challenge cup"". 

Secrets of the girlfriends

You should not discuss the secrets of girlfriends with the elect at all. It is not decent in relation to friends. The man who heard some personal information on other women from the darling can change the attitude towards the darling. He will understand that she cannot trust any secrets and she, most likely, too discusses intimate details with girlfriends. Not all will want to deal with the person who is not able to keep secrets. 

Secrets of the beauty

Women try to look perfectly for the elects and waste on it many efforts. Men like to enjoy fine, they love when their darlings are well-groomed, well dressed. But all efforts can be vain if to discuss all procedures which should be done for the sake of approach to an ideal with the beloved. In this case the woman loses the mysteriousness. About some things to men to listen not absolutely pleasantly therefore you should not discuss depilation or, for example, nail extension with darling. 

Problems with health

When the relations did not reach a certain level yet, did not become so confidential to share the most intimate with the elect, you should not discuss with it a condition of the health. It is only admissible to depict a problem in general if it is serious. It is not necessary to speak to the man about an indisposition and the diseases constantly. 

Female physiology

If the woman wants to remain for the man mysterious, desired, it is impossible to discuss with him features of physiology. You should not talk to him on hygiene during critical days, locks, problems with digestion. All this can cause rejection in the elect. 

The feelings

Trusting relationship and sincerity in couple - it is very good. But the man after all should not sound some feelings. For example, you should not speak with him about what unpleasant person his mother. If the woman at the initial stages of development of the novel speaks about hostility to parents of the elect or to his friends, children from the previous marriage, she risks to remain alone. 

Intimate desires and imaginations

In intimate relations the sincerity is important. With the partner it is possible and it is necessary to discuss the desires. But some women admit that they sometimes represent on the place of the elect former or even some celebrity. In it there is nothing terrible, but with darling you should not discuss similar imaginations precisely. Such information can be misunderstood by him. 

Relation to money

To argue on money, on the love for provided life or on how the girlfriend's husband earns much, psychologists do not advise women when they begin to build the relations with the man. The elect can suspect the darling of commercialism. Such behavior is capable to guard or even to frighten off. 

Flirtation on the party

One more taboo subject is flirtation on the party and attention of foreign men. Often women try to force the elect to be jealous and tell that the colleague shows an unambiguous affection, or about a friendly lunch with the old friend. Such revelations are pleasant not to all. Some men are angry or even begin to doubt decency of the darling. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team